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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Quick fix: Get rid of oily skin, pimples and more

Quick fix: Get rid of oily skin, pimples and more

Last updated on: May 16, 2013 17:21 IST

Quick fix: Get rid of oily skin, pimples and more



Are your armpits stinking or is your hair a big mess? Fear not, help is here.

We have all been involved in those disastrous beauty emergencies. Youth Inc tells you about essential grooming quick-fixes that can save you from these SOS moments.

There's an oil spill on my face

Using an astringent is a necessary beauty treatment for oily skin. However, overuse could make your skin dry and flaky so use it sparingly. Also, carry blotting paper in your bag. Quick trips to the washroom to soak the extra oil will reduce the shine on your face.

I forgot to wear perfume and I'm starting to smell!

First, wipe the sweat off from your arms and underarms (It's dirty work, but someone's got to do it). After that, use a scented hand cream and rub it under your arms. This remedy is as useful as it is outrageous.

Image: Oily skin is never sexy. Renee Zellweger should know
Photographs: John Sommers II/Reuters
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Quick fix: Get rid of oily skin, pimples and more

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My hair is a frizzy mess!

Humidity, frequent hair treatments and windy auto rickshaw rides all contribute towards the deadly frizz. A few drops of 'magical Moroccan oil' works wonders for last-minute frizz control.

I can't go on a date with this pimple

Apply toothpaste on the pimple and leave it overnight. This helps in drying out the pimple and shrivels it considerably. If the pimple is not completely formed yet, rub an ice cube over it.

As a last minute quick fix, use a concealer evenly on and around the affected area to reduce the redness. Follow it up with a foundation (make sure you blend it well). Another bonus trick is to wear a bright lipstick to divert attention from your blemish. 

I have no time to shampoo my hair and I'm running late

Use a dry shampoo, which is like a hair spray and can add life to greasy hair. All you need to do is part your hair in separate sections and spray the shampoo on your roots. This absorbs the excess oil in your scalp and saves you time. But this is no replacement for shampooing; save it only for emergencies.

Image: Hair out of control? Tried fizz control yet?
Photographs: Andrew Winning/Reuters

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