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Bipasha launches fitness video

Last updated on: January 21, 2014 08:37 IST

Bipasha launches fitness video


Rajul Hegde

The Bollywood actress has released her third fitness DVD.

Rajul Hegde reports from the Mumbai launch.

Bipasha Basu launched her third DVD Unleash in Mumbai recently.

"My first DVD Fit & Fabulous was a mix of strength, cardio and abdomen exercises and the second one, Break Free was a fun-and-dance and workout routine. Unleash is a combination routine of cardiovascular exercises like squats, lunges, kicks and Plyometric moves,' she said at the launch.

Bipasha dedicated five months to Unleash and got on board Deanne Pandey to supervise her moves.

"It is a fantastic routine with great benefits," she said.

"We have great cardio moves that will help improve your heart condition.

"It also helps you build up your stamina and endurance levels and lose weight.

"I have loved creating this routine with my team and I hope the audience enjoys working out with me."

Bipasha is happy with the feedback she's got for her DVD on twitter.

"I really thank Twitter because you really understand how your product is being appreciated.

It just feels good when people use the product and let you know.

The fact is that the product is selling and it speaks a lot.

"People are buying and doing it and that's what my intention is."

Bipasha also confessed that she is still a novice at nutrition.

"Please don't follow my diet because I eat a lot more than men.

I don't talk much about diet because I am still learning about nutrition.

Perhaps a year or two from now, I will have the knowledge to talk about it."

Photographs: From Unleash


'I was diagnosed with osteoporosis'

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Rajul Hegde

Bipasha who is a fitness freak also said that "Health investment is the key, the earlier you start its always better.

"It's a shame if you can't take out 25 minutes for your health.

"Dedicate at least 25 minutes to workout."

When asked about the moment that made her take fitness take so seriously, Bipasha replied:

"I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2005 and the doctors told me that I wouldn't be able to do action sequences or dance or walk. I was told that most of my life I'd have to sit and wouldn't be able to stand for a long time.

"For the first three days I cried; I went to biggest doctors who told me that I would have to undergo a knee replacement surgery. I was in a state of shock.

"Then I began reading up and realised physiotherapy is the way forward. From then on my interest in human body has grown a lot."

Photographs: From Unleash
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'Every single boy aspires to have a body like Salman'

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In Bollywood, the pressure to stay fit is on everyone because it's a visual medium and everyone needs to look good," Bipasha said.

"But most people are doing it for just to look good.

"I always believe that looking good is a bonus and it follows I do it for health.

"I feel Akshay Kumar is the fittest because right from my first film I have seen that man he is super energetic, looks after his health, eats right and mentally too.

"Salman Khan is the fitness icon and he has got body into the business.

"Every single boy aspires to have a body like Salman. They are the iconic stalwarts in the fitness world of our country.

"Among the current lot of actress, I think Deepika (Padukone) looks fit. She has a fitness background because of her father; I think it's imbibed in her."

Bipasha refrained from talking about her ex John Abraham's wedding to Priya Munchal "I am not answering that," she said also refusing to take questions on her relationship with Harman Baweja.

"When I do get married," she said, "It will be a grand Bengali wedding else my mother won't attend it.

"The only difference would be that at my wedding guests would have to exercise, not dance."

Image: Bipasha Basu at the launch of her new fitness DVD, Unleash.
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

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