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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » IMAGES: The Top 25 Men's Beach Bodies 2012!

IMAGES: The Top 25 Men's Beach Bodies 2012!

Last updated on: May 29, 2012 16:43 IST

Image: Ryan Lochte
Photographs: Adam Pretty/Getty Images
Men's Health Magazine has released its annual list of the sexiest summer bodies featuring male celebs for this year. Take a look!

While its partner publication Women's Health released a list of the Top 25 Best Summer Bodies 2012 featuring beautiful bombshells, magazine Men's Health has been rounding up the men with the best bods!

In the following pages, we bring you the actors and sportsmen who've made an impact in 2012.

1. Ryan Lochte

The 27-year-old American swimmer won five gold medals at the 2011 World Championships last year. Ryan's fitness has a major impact on and is largely a result of his career, so it's hardly surprising that he's in such fantastic form.

2. Taylor Kitsch

Image: Taylor Kitsch
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, April 2012

The 30-year-old Battleship star came in second -- those rippling muscles of his are the result of both weight training and intense boxing.


3. Kenny Chesney

Image: Kenny Chesney
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, June 2012

Country musicians may not come to mind when you're thinking washboard abs and beefed-up arms, but Kenny certainly fits the bill -- at 44, he's in great shape thanks to healthy eating and everyday workouts.

4. Channing Tatum

Image: Channing Tatum
Photographs: Cover of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, May 25, 2012

The G.I. Joe hunk doesn't have an inch to pinch. Rock-hard arms and dreamy eyes see Channing to Number Four.

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5. Joe Manganiello

Image: Joe Manganiello
Photographs: Cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine, July 2011

The 6'5" True Blood actor does justice to his frame with an incredible look that rivals any bodybuilder's. Joe rounds off the Men's Health top five.

6. Kellan Lutz

Image: Kellan Lutz
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, August 2010

In at six is Twilight star Kellan, whose abs have the ladies swooning. The actor indulges in a high-intensity workout that includes core, upper-body, and lower-body exercises to keep fit.

7. David Beckham

Image: David Beckham
Photographs: H and M ad campaign

The handsome British footballer has never shied away from stripping down to his innerwear and it's easy to see why. With a body like that, we'd do the same!

8. Ryan Kwanten

Image: Ryan Kwanten
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health France, January 2011

Another True Blood cast member makes it to the magazine's top 10. Few know that Ryan was once a professional triathlete and he maintains his energy levels and looks with intensive outdoor workouts.

9. Orlando Bloom

Image: Orlando Bloom
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, October 2011

Finally, Miranda Kerr seems to have taken a backseat and her husband is showing off his bod for a change! Hollywood heartthrob Orlando counts Pilates, weightlifting, yoga and tennis among his keep-fit activities -- and they seem to be packing a punch.

10. Chris Hemsworth

Image: Chris Hemsworth
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, May 2011

Chris had to portray a demi-god in Thor: God of Thunder and his superb physique certainly fit the bill. The actor was always into surfing, boxing and rugby, but he hit the gym with a vengeance for his beefed-up look in the movie.

11. Matthew McConaughey

Image: Matthew McConaughey
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Turkey, April 2008

Here's another hunk who hates putting on a shirt! Matthew's workout is no secret -- he's regularly photographed surfing at the beach, jogging and working out outdoors.

12. Taylor Lautner

Image: Taylor Lautner
Photographs: Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, December 2009

Twilight actor Taylor amazed the world with his transformation over the course of a year. He went from lanky teenager to ripped, rugged male by gaining 30 pounds of muscle. Now that takes real physical commitment!

13. Blake Griffin

Image: Blake Griffin
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Turkey, January 2012

The young basketball player, 22, is one of the NBA's rising stars and his body stands testament to that fact. As a result, Blake makes it to 13th place.

14. Jason Statham

Image: Jason Statham
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, March 2006

Here's another model's beau who's impressed Men's Health. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's boyfriend Jason shows us the look that probably won her over at 14.

15. Daniel Craig

Image: Daniel Craig
Photographs: Still from Casino Royale

When Craig took over as James Bond, he ushered in a new image -- one of strength and power, mixed in with the trademark sophistication of the 007 agent.

16. Liam Hemsworth

Image: Liam Hemsworth
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, May 2012

The Hunger Games star Liam is only 22, but his rippling physique has won him quite the female fan following! Heavy weights, training six days a week and cardio ensured that he got into fighting fit shape for the action blockbuster.

17. Dwyane Wade

Image: Dwyane Wade
Photographs: Cover of Slam Magazine, May 2009

Thirty-year-old Miami Heat basketball player Dwyane keeps himself in the game with a workout that boosts energy levels, accelerates his speed on-court and of course, has him looking his best. He comes in at 17.

18. Mark Wahlberg

Image: Mark Wahlberg
Photographs: Cover of Men's Fitness Magazine, August 2010

Whether it's running for miles or spending five hours straight at the gym, few can compete with the actor-director-producer in terms of physical challenges. Mark's incredible form sees him grab eighteenth place.

19. Ryan Reynolds

Image: Ryan Reynolds
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Russia, December 2010

The Canadian actor went from lanky comedian to action hero by packing on muscle, following a lean diet, using the occasional bodybuilding supplements and working out diligently. And there's no arguing with that result!

20. Michael Phelps

Image: Michael Phelps
Photographs: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Olympic champion swimmer follows friend and rival Ryan Lochte onto the Men's Health list 19 places lower, but there isn't all that much of a difference when it comes to physique. Phelps is known to swim 50 miles a week, lift weights and box as part of his training. Whew!

21. Stephen Moyer

Image: Stephen Moyer
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Turkey, September 2011

Stephen, 42, is the third and final True Blood actor to make 'Best Summer Bodies'. Since his role requires quite a lot of body-baring, he keeps at the top of his game even though he admits not really enjoying a commitment to fitness.

22. Ashton Kutcher

Image: Ashton Kutcher
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, December 2011

Ashton's a dedicated fitness freak, hitting the gym regularly, practicing yoga and the Israeli fight system of Krav Maga to stay on top of his game. He makes it to 22.

23. Ryan Gosling

Image: Ryan Gosling
Photographs: Cover of InStyle Germany, March 2012

The secret behind Gosling's abs, the magazine reports, is gruelling Muay Thai combat training alongside a traditional Thai diet of green vegetables, rice, and fish. Now that's a relatively different way of doing things!

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24. Dwayne Johnson

Image: Dwayne Johnson
Photographs: Cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine, March 2010

The wrestling champion-turned-actor has a reputation as one of the best Hollywood bods. He trains on his own, without a professional team keeping tabs and often has to shed or gain pounds to suit movie roles. Nope, we don't know how he manages either.

25. Zac Efron

Image: Zac Efron
Photographs: Cover of Men's Health Magazine, May 2012

And finally, we come to High School Musical actor Zac, who went from teenage heartthrob to macho man with a heav-vy workout, a protein-rich diet and six to eight meals a day. He rounds up the top 25 for 2012.