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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Modelspeak: 'No Indian cricketer is stylish!'

Modelspeak: 'No Indian cricketer is stylish!'

Last updated on: March 14, 2011 19:51 IST

Image: Surelee Joseph
Photographs: Prasanna Zore

Model Surelee Joseph gives us the lowdown on her fashion experiences, men and more.

Okay. Who according to you are India's most stylish women?

I guess from the people I know, it is Bandana Tewari (fashion features director, Vogue India), and from the Bollywood side, it would be Sonam Kapoor.

You're a fairly known face now. When did you first realise that you're famous?

Before the fashion industry, I hosted a show on TV. When you go to the mall to buy clothes, children run up to you and surround you as a known face from television. That was the time I realised I was famous. That was the defining moment.

Beauty to you is?


Sexy to you is?

Again, confidence.

By the way, what's that in your hair?

Oh, it's tissue paper to hold my hair down together for the show, lest it should come off.

The one place that took you by shock?


Weirdest travel experience ever?

Actually, I haven't had a weird travel experience. They were all very good.

Turn-offs in men?

Creepy. People who come up with weird one-liners.

Turn-ons in men?

People who are witty, with whom you can have a conversation.

'If you are size zero and eat well, I don't think it's an issue'

Image: Surelee Joseph
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani

Your idea of a perfect date?

Could be very cliched, but somewhere at a quiet place. It could even be at home. Cook dinner for yourself, have a nice conversation, and just chill out.

You can't leave home without?

Without my lip balm and my mobile.

The first thing that you check out in a hotel?

The bathroom (giggles).

Things that single Indian women travellers must keep in mind?

They should be very careful about weirdos, especially when one goes to a place of which they have no idea. Plan your travel in advance.

Facebook or Twitter?


Why not Twitter?

I am not the one who likes to keep updating her status every two minutes. So...

Is size zero good or dangerous?

If you are size zero and eat well, I don't think it's an issue. If you eat well and exercise, then again, it is not a problem.

Most stylish Indian cricketer?

(Thinks) I don't think there are any (laughs). Sorry!