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'You don't need a gym to lose weight'

Last updated on: July 11, 2011 16:51 IST

'You don't need a gym to lose weight'



In an interactive chat session, fitness expert Samreedhi Goel offered tips to our readers on losing weight and staying fit. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript of the chat.

Samreedhi Goel says, Hello everyone & welcome to the Rediff Fitness Chat!

Samreedhi Goel says, Before asking your questions please specify Age,Height ,Weight & Gender

ritu asked, How do i loss my extra weight without doing dieting?
Samreedhi Goel answers,  at 2011-07-08 16:30:29Hi ritu! if you really want to lose weight you have to have some routine in your life.Fix your daily meal timings.drink water & have at least 4-5 servings fruits & vegetables per day.If you do not want to go on a diet change one bad habit at a time & replace it with a good if you eat fried snaks in the evening replace it with khakhra or a sandwich or fruit.

vinayak asked, i am an engineer and presently located at a remote village......where no gym facilities are available...pls help
Samreedhi Goel answers, Hi !you dont need a fancy gym to exercise!you can go for a daily walk/run outdoors.if you have been a gym member in the past you can do almost all freehand exercises at home itself.If you are unable to use weights u can just buy a theraband from any sports shop the next time you are in the city & use that for resistance training!

sneha asked, dear samreedhi, i read your interview, how important is exercise to maintain weight,and how much time do i need to workout in a week.
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi!Exercise is extremely impoortant not just to lose weight but to maintain what you have lost later.It helps to tone & strengthen your body & gives you a better shape while giving you greater leeway with food. U should do resistance training for 30-40 minutes 3 times a week & a cardio routine(dance/walking/cycling/treadmill) for 45 minutes thrice a week ideally.

Ravikiran asked, Hi Samreedhi, my weight is 84, i have just started going to the Gym, what more can i do to reduce my weight
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi!you must follow some sort of a routine diet .As for your workout do a cardio routine for 30-45 minutes at least 3 times a week & weights /resistance training with moderate weights & high reps 2-3 times a week.

Janu asked, Hi, My height is 161 cms and weight is 56 kg my waist is 35 inch. I have put weight only around my waist after delivery before 2 years. Is there any specific diet to reduce tummy?
Samreedhi Goel answers, There is no such thing as spot reduction! You cannot lose inches only on one part of your body, however if you do a full body work out and you do abs crunches the work out will help you to burn fat over all, while the crunches will help you to tone your abdominal muscles. Controlling your diet i.e. lowering your intake of fried food, sweets will also help you chisel off those extra inches from your tummy!

Niranjan asked, does eating rice increase weight
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! any one food cannot make you fat/thin.Eating even a healthy food in excess can lead to weight gain in the long run!

vijayakuamr asked,  hi all i am 29 years .. going for gym for the past 4 months but still i have not lost any weight..i have stopped eating junk foods no areated drinks.. how to progress further my weight is 103 ... i need to reduce my tummy
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! you need to go on a diet.You should also check your thyroid levels & make sure that they are normal!

sachin asked, hi, i am 35 yrs Male with height of 5.5 weight is 93 kgs suffering from hypo thyroids problem how can i reduce weight ?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! Hypothyroidism is no reason for you to not lose weight!Make sure your doctor is monitoring your levels.For you to lose weight your TSH should be below 3.5 Take your medication as prescribed by the doctor & then if you diet & exercise like everybody else you should have no reason to not lose weight!

Alagar asked, Hi I want to reduce my weight...what is the simplest way...i was going to gym but not now... I was 68-70 Kgs 8 mnths back and now am close to 93 Kilo. My height is 5.11"
Samreedhi Goel answers, 1) Never skip meals especially breakfast. 2) Have your three main meals i.e.breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in between on fruits, popcorn, kurmura, and khakhras. 3) Limit you tea / coffee intake 2/3 cups a day. 4) Drink plenty of water. 5) Avoid fried food & excess sweets. 6) Exercise daily. 7) Remember dieting is about options not restrictions it is about making right food choices, enjoying the food you love in moderation and getting healthier & not just slim/thin!

PatliBen asked, I am 41 yrs and diagonsed with hypertension. I am also overweight. Can u plz tell dos and donts for high BP exercise regime
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! firstly always remember to take your BP medication as prescribed by your doctor.Avoid any exercises that require you to hold your breath.Avoid exercises that require jumping or which require you to stop & start several times.Do exercises that are medium paced & never hold your breath while exercising.

Image: Fitness expert Samreedhi Goel


'I am unable to stop snacking after dinner'

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Bob asked, Hi, I am 37 M, my weight is 85 kgs. I am into gymming regularly. Height 5'9 inches. I have started eating Digestive biscuits (Mcvittes) since one month instead of my evening meal, will it help in reducing weight ?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! it depends on what you used to eat earlier & how many biscuits you are eating now.if there is no difference in calories it will not change your weight status! asked, age 29,height 5'10" weight 90 kg,gender male,i just started jogging(3 kms per day) and yoga,is that enough to loose weight,what should be my diet plan mam?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! since you are overweight avoid jogging & stick to brisk walking wearing the right shoes or you may put too much pressure on your knees. 1) Never skip meals especially breakfast. 2) Have your three main meals i.e.breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in between on fruits, popcorn, kurmura, and khakhras. 3) Limit you tea / coffee intake 2/3 cups a day. 4) Drink plenty of water. 5) Avoid fried food & excess sweets. 6) Exercise daily. 7) Remember dieting is about options not restrictions it is about making right food choices, enjoying the food you love in moderation and getting healthier & not just slim/thin!
raju asked, can i loose weight if i walk daily in the evening
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! yes you will lose weight initially but for your weight loss to continue you will have to change the kind /intensity of exercise eventually & alter your eating habits.
Sharad asked, Since Last 2 months I Have Started taking Hard drinks (1peg or 1 bottle beer every day)and my weight has shot up to 80 Kgs from 70 Kgs. Can This Be The Cause / What to Do To come back to 65 kgs. I Am 52 yrs and 5.7 " smart handsome young man
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! alcohol can definitely increase your weight besides which it can cause other health issues.Why not give it up for a month & see the results for yourself?
ramesh asked, Hi Sam , I have control on my breakfast , lunch and dinner, but i am unable to stop eating snacks after my dinner , my age is 40, height 173, weight 91.4 . what is the remedy?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! Try to eat a small snack like a fruit /green tea,naryal pani after breakfast.Between lunch & dinner too have a cup of tea with a vegetable sandwich or a khakra or even a small bowl of popcorn.if you still feel hungry after dinner a glass of milk will surely help.Do not keep long gaps between meals & drink water throughout the day.
sri asked, Hi Samreedhi It is lovely to see u online i am 37 yr old guy with height 5/8 85 kg i do exercise for 1/2 hr a day walking , eat lot of fibre, drink water yet not able to loose weight... if i exercise more i get tired what can i do ?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! your body has got used to the walk.why not change your activity by walking 3 days a week & maybe playing tennis the other 3 days.u may need to consult a dietician to look into your eating pattern.
saint asked, Hi, i am 35 years male, going to gym for past 6 months, i can see some muscle on my arms and thigh, but the toughness is not there. Can you help me out. Also is it necessary to lift heavy weight or light weight lifting is ok.
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! different people have different body types & exercise will not have the same effect on all. you need to ask your trainer to change your exercise routine should stick to higher reps & moderately heavy weights. asked, Hi sam, What should be the calorie intake per day for a person weighing 136 Kgs and height of 5Ft 10 Inches
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! since i do the zigzag method i would plan your calories at 1200,1400 & 1600
Naresh asked, What are the results of Green Tea? i'm taking it daily after waking up from bed in the mrng
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! green tea has antioxidants that are good for boosting immunity,lowering cholestrol fighting of heart disease & cancer.However 1-2 cups a day are good enough do not overdo
saran asked, hi..iam 35, 105Kgs,...will joining one of the weight loss clinics help? of course, i would follow the instructions they give...and most of the dieting ....
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! considering the weight you are at you should think about doing something to bring it down asap
Katrina asked, Hello Mam, i wz previously in2 a lot of dancing n cycling activities bt since joining offc n hvng 2 do sit n do job in front of PC, m slowly gaining weight as well as bulge in the my stomach area. Although my hands n legs r slim n fine. Plz suggest me a diet plan n excercise. I m 22yrs.
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! why not invest in a stationary bike at home & continue cycling while watching tv?

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'How does one increase metabolism'

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slim asked, Hot water with lemon helps to reduce fat?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! No it just helps to clean out your system.if it was so easy to lose weight would anyone be fat in the world?
Mahesh Krishnan asked, Ms.Goel, I go to the Gym for the past 2Months, Walk for half an hour, do abs class for 20Minutes and do Sit ups for 10mns daily. I weighed 104 Kgs initially and still its all the same. I am having 2 Dosa's/ Idli's in the morning, Rice (Southern) for the afternoon and Roti's (3) for the dinner. Am I doing something wrong which is being the reason my weight is not reduced?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! you need a personalised diet plan.Please check your Thyroid & Vit D3 & Vit B12 levels & correct them if they are i m sorry i can only give you general tips: 1) Never skip meals especially breakfast. 2) Have your three main meals i.e.breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in between on fruits, popcorn, kurmura, and khakhras. 3) Limit you tea / coffee intake 2/3 cups a day. 4) Drink plenty of water. 5) Avoid fried food & excess sweets. 6) Exercise daily. 7) Remember dieting is about options not restrictions it is about making right food choices, enjoying the food you love in moderation and getting healthier & not just slim/thin!
slim asked, how to increase metabolism?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! there are only two ways to increase metabolism: 1)Exercise daily 2)eat small meals at regular intervals.
Bikramm asked, samreedhi, i am going to the gym regularly, but instead of losing weight, i am losing my hair. what gives?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! gymming cannot cause hair loss.Either it is hereditary or you are overdoing proteins in the form of supplements.Consult a dermatologist immediately
vm asked, how do we select the "right' walking shoes?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! always try the shoes with socks. Go in the afternoon or evening to buy shoes as we all have slight water retention in the feet in the second half of the day. wear the shoes & tie the laces then see if you can wiggle your toes.the sole should be flexible & not hard.choose comfort & practicality over looks.
SIDDHARTH asked, is it right that deficiency of calcium leads to weight gain?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! yes deficiency of any vital nutrient can make your weight stubborn as the body starts holding on to weight.before enrolling in a weight loss program an overall health check in the form of blood tests would get you startedon the right note by ruling out/taking care of any deficiencies asked, I am not fat but looking so healthy.Due to short of time I couldn't go for exercise.Can you tell me some tips regarding my dieting.
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! if you dont find time for fitness you will eventually HAVE to find tim for decide!
knk asked, Hi i have tried losing weight in many methods - i am about 85kgs @168cms - my wife is about 155cms around the same weight and my son is about 165cms at about 75kgs - we have tried different diet methods - jogging, reducing the food intake - even joined VLCC last year when my wife and I reduced weight - however could not sustain this reduction in weight - that is an expensive proposition - everyone says low fat diet etc etc., all are fine - i am able to reduce about 5 kgs with diet - how do i reduce another 10kgs and most importantly sustain this?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! you need a personlied diet plan to suit your lifestyle so that you can do it longer & achieve & sustain your goal
vinod goel asked, Hi Samreedhi, Is it necessary to do weight training in gym other that trad mill to lose weight
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! weight training if done in the correct manner can really boost your metabolism for the next 12 hours which will help you burn fat throughout the day.Walking or doing the treadmill will help you burn fat only on the spot.Continue weight training for better shape & faster weight loss

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'Can weight training lead to weight gain?'

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vami asked, hi, am 34 yrs old and has poly cystic ovarious disease. My height is 162cms and my weight is 94. Pls advise.. Cud u advise a diet plan/calorie plan fr a day?
Samreedhi Goel answers,

karthik asked, Hi,I am a 30 year old male , about 5 feet 8.5 inches, weighing 75 kgs. Though I am not obese I want to lose some weight. I skip my breakfast and wouldn't be able to change the habit soon. Please help with my diet.
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! skipping breakfast is the worst thing to do!if you cannot eat in the mornings have a fruit & a glass of milk & follow it up by a veg sandwich or a khakra by mid morning.

tobeslim asked, I have acidity problem, due to which I get burning sensation in the avoid this I endup eating very offten leading to a tommy, otherwise i am slim....can you tell solution
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! avoid raw vegetables & high fibre fruits like apple for sometime.cut down on excess tea & coffee.Eat a banana in the morning & stick to khichdi with dahio or dal+ race for a few days.avoid spicy& fried food.Ask your family doctor to prescribe a tablet to control acidity.Walking early mornong for at least 40 minutes daily will improve your digestion.After doing all the above for 5-10 days get back to normal food & see the effect.if acidity persists consult a specialist

Anupam asked, When I work out and simultaneously go on a diet, I am prone to acidity (reflux acidity which causes blocked nose). How do I beat this?
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! avoid exercising on a totally full or totally empty stomach Eat a fruit like banana or papaya before workout but keep a gap of at least 1.5- 2 hours between a meal & your workout.avoid doing exercises in which you hold your breath or which require you to jump .do not drink too much tea/coffee during the day.

Anupam asked, can wirght training lead to weight gain? I have a feeling it does
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! depending on the intensity of your workout men may gain 1-2 pounds of muscle weight.for women to gain muscle it takes very long very high intesnity training.but you must understand that gain muscle weight is a GOOD THING. for your bones as well as for boosting your metabolism & for giving you a better shape.i would reccomend weight bearing exercises to ALL ages!

Nagesh asked, I am typical mumbaikar, leaving home at 9am and reach back at 9 pm. traveling 2.30 hrs daily, still I manage to working 80-100 deeps, (surya namaksara), it it sufficient for person whose hight is 5.7 ft. and weight 70 kg. pls relply.
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! thats fantastic!why not do the surya namaskars 3-4 times a week & go for a brisk walk at least twice a week?

TJ asked, Hi Samreedhi , I am 29 , Gender : Male , 5.11 I am 95 KG right now, 2 months back i was 83 gained weight after marriage and now not happy with it. I am looking for some diet plan which place could you suggest to consult for in Mumbai / Pune ?
Samreedhi Goel answers,

s_sharma20 asked, my son aged 9 has weigh 50+ with a hight of 4feet 5 inches, he always feels hungry, and also whatever eats digests, what to do
Samreedhi Goel answers, hi! try to include fruits in between meals.change his options by giving him healthier choices ie brown bread instead of white bread,whole grains instead of refined grains.Make hime join a sport he will enjoy at least 5 times a may need to consult a Nutritionist eventually as being obese at such a young age can cause health problems later.

Samreedhi Goel says, Thats all for today!See you all again soon!Think Fit!

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