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Why vocational skills are important for YOU

Last updated on: August 23, 2011 11:38 IST

Why vocational skills are important for YOU


In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead, last week, Manish Khanna of UEI Global Institute addressed reader queries on the importance of vocational education and suggested ways to improve their vocational skills.

Here's the unedited transcipt:

Manish Khanna says,hi this is Manish Khanna MD & CEO UEI Global- an Education initiative by Berggruen Group and operate in the Vocational and HE programs at UEI Global

vikasb asked,hi i am a management student from pune. i want to pursue a career in finance. wanted to know what vocational skills i should develop?
Manish Khanna answers, at 2011-08-12 15:11:04There are lot of options available in the market such as banking, insurance, stock exchange and commodity which are of 3 to 6 months in duration. So first you need to decide which option you want to choose.
motley asked,are soft skills also part of vocational education? where and how can these skills be learnt?
Manish Khanna answers,There are lot of Institutes available like UEI Global Institute which offer academic and Vocational course that enhances not only professional front of a person but personality too which is a very important aspect in a professional career.
omkar asked,hi mr. mainsh, which skills are very high in demand right now with very attractive packages:)
Manish Khanna answers, Hi oMkar. There are lot of options in Hospitality and Finance and IT sector and Banking.
Amar asked,where is vocational training centre
Manish Khanna answers,There are Lot of VCT available across India both at private and public level

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Image: You need to decide which option you want to choose


Why vocational skills are important for YOU

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priyanka asked,Hi Sir, I am a chartered accountant, 2006 qualified. I am basicaly into hardcore finance of a MNC. I want to know if there are any good courses which I can do along with my job.
Manish Khanna answers,Hi Priyanka Yes you can opt for various courses which are available for you enhancement of you finance skills. you can go for E.R.P upgradtion in the various modules availbel with SAP, oracle, Bann. Also there are various other certificates modules available with stock exchange and NSC where why once can research on their various option. There are options with tax programs and also to upgrade skills from 6 to 12 months in tax and regulatory framework. One can go for CFP programs at national and international levels.

Latha asked,Sir, I am working as an accountant, I am Pass Is there any technical course which I can do to get more live knowledge in accounts
Manish Khanna answers, Latha, You can do a crash course In ERP course and become a specialize operation in that field
Biplab asked,In North East India there are numbers of Govt. vocational Training Institutes producing skilled/semi skilled worker. But the job scope is not adequete for all the passwed out trainees and what the industry partner wants from the Institute is some time found not feasible.
Manish Khanna answers,one need to choose program carefully. It has to be industry integrated so that when a student passes the program he should be ready to work in the industry from day one.
nilesh16nov asked,How is 9 months distance learning Executive MBA course from United Business Institute, Belgium which is available in India?
Manish Khanna answers,One need to understand the acceptability of the degree program in India . one has to be clear and also find out the credibility of these programs.

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Image: One can go for CFP programs at national and international levels

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Why vocational skills are important for YOU

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Priyaa asked,How different is CPA from CFA
Manish Khanna answers,CPA is provided a practioner auditor which audits the company's books of accounts as per GAAPS and do the taxation and regulatory works for coporates where as CFA is specialized financial analytical program where by the student are taught about financial mangement.
Usha asked,NCVT approval is required for all vocational courses?
Manish Khanna answers,No it is desirable but acceptability is low from industry perspective.
anupreet asked,Sir, new joinees in the banking industry are put to practical work immediately on joining without any sort of practical training being imparted to them about the existing systems and softwares, as a result of which they are not able to perform their duties, functions in a proper and efficient manner. Do you think this type of training is required and how it can be imparted.
Manish Khanna answers,there are various institutes which through a short term offer from 3-18 months, like Manipal university
Manish Khanna says,Thanks Everyone for your valuable Time. Wish you all the best for a better and secure future. thanks Manish Khanna

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