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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » VVS Laxman: 'I dream to start a sports academy'

VVS Laxman: 'I dream to start a sports academy'

Last updated on: January 7, 2011 16:01 IST

VVS Laxman: 'I dream to start a sports academy'


Urmila Rao

Cricketer VVS Laxman talks about his passion and the one man he looks up to.

VVS Laxman has come to be known as Very Very Special Laxman for his winning knocks in test matches. But had his parents insisted he become a doctor like them, it would have been a great loss to the world of cricket.

This 36-year-old left medicine but his sublime strokes have the precision of a surgeon and make his presence crucial in crunch time. He did not pursue higher studies, but the humble batsman from Hyderabad tells Urmila Rao that education is paramount for our country's future.

Did your parents support your decision to be a cricketer?

Yes. They did. They gave me the independence to choose whatever profession I wanted to get into. They always said whatever you do, be committed to it and bring glory to it.

I made a decision after Class 12 to take up cricket as a profession and decided to give myself five years to it. Luckily I achieved my goal. Otherwise I would have taken up medicine.

Most youth want to be in cricket for the glamour and money. Your comments

Money and glamour are by-products of what you achieve on the field. If you concentrate on your performance and are committed to your game or work, everything will follow.

Image: VVS Laxman
Photographs: Reuters

Focus on doing what you like

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You gave up the 'icon' player status in a bid to help bid the Deccan Charges team for the IPL. In the process you lost millions. Why did you do that?

The only reason for me to do that was to ensure that the team, I belong to had more money to buy good players, which we were able to do.

What are your observations about our current education system?

I feel that you cannot generalise the system. It completely depends on how a teacher manages a child.

Who is your role model?

My dad has always been my role model. I will be happy to be even 50 percent of what he is.

Should one choose a profession that brings in money or one which gives one satisfaction?

We are lucky that by playing cricket we are able to do what we enjoy, what we are passionate about and at the same time earn money doing that.

Very few can experience this in their life. If you focus on doing what you like, other things will surely be taken care of.

What do you do in your spare time?

I usually read books or spend time with my family.

What plans have you chalked out for yourself post retirement? Will it be more cricket?

My dream is to start a school and a sports academy. I think right education is the most important thing for our country's future.

Image: VVS Laxman
Photographs: Reuters
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