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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » 'With 50k SIPs, can I make Rs 3 cr by 2030?'

'With 50k SIPs, can I make Rs 3 cr by 2030?'

May 26, 2021 08:54 IST
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Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Omkeshwar Singh, Head, Rank MF, a mutual fund investment platform, answers your queries:

Santanu Ghosh: I am 45 years old. I invested in MF as SIP of Rs2500/- per month in:

1. ICICI Blue chip Fund- G 2500/ Month
2. ICICI Midcap Fund- G 2500/ Month
and LS Rs.22000/- in L&T Money Market Fund Direct Plan-G. What should my next step? will I continue or shift to new MF?

Omkeshwar Singh: Shift 2 to DSP Mid cap fund – Growth; rest are fine and can be continued.

CS Kamlesh Patel: I am 42 Years old and investing in the below mutual fund since last 5 years:

1. ICICI Prudential Blue-chip Fund-G- Rs. 5,000 PM.
2. Kotak Flexicap Fund- Rs. 5,000 PM
3. ABSL Frontline Equity Fund- Rs. 3000 PM
4 DSP Midcap Fund -Rs 2500 PM

My future horizon to invest is at least 10 years from now. Now, I want to invest some lump sum amount of Rs. 3 lakh through STP mode in my existing scheme. So kindly advise whether I can opt for HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund or HDF Top 100 Fund or DSP Midcap Fund.

I also want to increase my monthly SIP by Rs 10,000 PM. Kindly suggest from my existing fund.

Your kind advise will help me lot.

Omkeshwar Singh: Shift 2 and 3 to UTI Flexi Cap – Growth and Axis Bluechip Fund – Growth

STP: Parag Parikh Liquid - Growth to Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund – Growth

You may increase Rs 2500 each in 4 funds post suggest changes in 2 and 3

pravir sinha: Dear Sir, please advise me on the following ‘NIPPON INDIA’ mutual fund investments:

Scheme Inv year Inv amount Present Value

Growth.  2008   6000    23000


Growth  2009  10000    15000


Growth  2017  110000   159000 

Fund Growth (SIP @ 2500pm)

Tax Saver  2009  10000    15000


Value Fund 2008  5000    20000


Also please advise me on following types of mutual fund schemes:

1. Low-Moderate risk, suitable for a horizon of 1-2 years, which give better returns than bank FD, for lump sum investment

2. SIP @ 5000/-pm for a horizon of 5-7 years

3. Lump sum investment to attain a corpus of approx 5 Lakhs after about 5 years.

Omkeshwar Singh: Complete portfolio needs shift to better quality funds; you may consider these funds:

a)   UTI Flexi Cap – Growth

b)  Parag Parikh Flexi- Cap Growth

c)   Axis ESG Equity Fund – Growth

d)  DSP Mid Cap Fund – Growth

  1. HDFC Short Term Debt Fund – Growth - Moderate Risk for 1 to 2 years to beat FDs
  2. DSP Quant Fund – Growth - SIP
  3. Axis Bluechip Fund – Growth - Lumpsum

srinivas murthy: pl find below investments of four persons in our family in mutual funds.

1) axis dynamic fund 4254 units

2) axis bluechip 5833 stp of Rs 10000 monthly from axis dynamic fund

3) aditya birla corporate fund -7462

4) aditya birla balance advantage fund- 719

5) aditya birla flexicap fund - 537

6) canara robeco short duration fund - 7807 stp of Rs20000 to canara bluechip

7) canara blue chip fund - 4902

8) canara income fund - 4343

 9) dsp equity opp fund - 733

10) dsp shortterm fund - 1287

11) franklin us feeder opp fund -2076

12) icici blue chip fund - 60401

13) icici short term fund - 41417

14) " us bluechip fund - 9198

15) " equity and debt fund- 3651

16) " balance advnatage fund- 4242

17) " regular savings fund- 202

18) idfc banking &psu fund- 8352

16) kotak dynamic bond fund- 7429

17) parag flexi cap fund- 718

18) hdfc equity hybrid fund- 6523

19) "  shortterm fund- 67090

20) " corporate bond fund- 33595

21) l&t shortterm fund- 6995

22) " flexi bond fund - 39600

23)sbi magnum income fund- 6906 stp of Rs10000 per month to equity hybrid fund

24)  "   bluechip fund- 3928

25) " " shorterms fund - 4915

26) "  equity hybrid fund - 1084 sip pf Rs 5000 per month

27) mirae large cap fund- 10375 sip pf Rs 10000 per month 

 28) "  bluechip '  - 6581   "   "   "

29) mirate shortterm fund- 33279

30) motilal dynamic fund- 14254

31) " focused 25 fund- 4867 sip of Rs5000 per month

32) " flexi cap -35 fund - 6662 sip of Rs 10000 per month

33)motilal nasdaq fund- 22844

34) nippon small cap fund- 3102

35)sundaram corp fund- 7970 

 pl advice on consolidation .

Omkeshwar Singh: Too many funds, almost all stocks available are there in this combined portfolio. Overdiversification is killing the performance; at present markets are high, so it would not have impacted, however in the downturn it will underperform hugely.

Kindly break the portfolio person wise along with age of the person and share details

Equity / Hybrid Schemes and Couple of Debt funds should be sufficient for each person.

Devaki Shah: My Age is 40 and my salry is 27000/- pm and saving per month is hardly 6000-7000.

I want monthly 20000/- something monthly income after 55 age. Currently, I am investing in following funds started just last month

1. HDFC Low Duration ( G) Rs. 2000

2. ICICI Pru Asset Alloc ( G) Rs. 2000

3. Mirae Asset Midcap (G) Rs 2000/-

Kindly suggest should i continue or change anything.

Omkeshwar Singh: To create corpus better invest in equity oriented funds and then post 15 years switch them to debt and hybrid – balanced advantage

Rs 6000 monthly investment can create a corpus of Rs 33 lakh to Rs 35 lakh; below schemes can be considered: Rs. 2000 each for 15 years

a)   UTI Flexi Cap – Growth

b)  Parag Parikh Flexi- Cap Growth

c)   DSP Mid Cap Fund – Growth

Post 15 years when you are 55, shift the above investment to (in equal proportion i.e. Rs. 11 to 12 lakh)

1) Aditya Birla Corporate Bond fund – Growth

 2) HDFC Banking and PSU fund – Growth

3) ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage fund - Growth

Then do a SWP of Rs. 6700 for each of the 3 funds for monthly Rs. 20000 requirements

Shailesh Jain: I have below investment in MFs and I want to accumulate 3 crore by 2030, I want to invest 50K monthly (currently 27500 SIP and rest lump sum invest in other funds based on condition).

Please suggest if to continue or shift to other options. Also any new funds to add to have aggressively diversified portfolio.

MF Name Avg. NAV Amount Invested No. of Units Current Value Invest mode

Nippon India Gilt Securities Fund (Growth)

29,81 25000,00 838,711 25018,08 Lump sum

Nippon India Income Fund (Growth)

67,54 95000,00 1406,554 98488,46 5000 SIP (monthly)

Axis Bluechip Fund - Growth

31,18 160000,00 5130,554 198603,74 10000 SIP (monthly)

Axis Multicap Fund - GROWTH

12,44 95000,00 7633,650 118550,58 Lump Sum

Kotak Gold fund growth

20,58 17500,00 850,325 15735,18 Lump sum

Kotak NASDAQ 100 Fund of Fund- Growth

9,88 25000,00 2529,782 23889,74 Lump sum

Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Growth Plan

56,91 107500,00 1888,862 147234,90 2500 SIP (monthly)
it was 10K SIP, but reduced later by MF house

Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund- Growth Plan

52,24 75000,00 1435,544 93987,94 5000 SIP (monthly)


10,51 50000,00 4758,436 53394,41 Lump Sum
    650000,00   774903,03  

Omkeshwar Singh: Rs 1,20,000 investment in equity oriented funds per month is required to create a corpus of Rs 3 cr in 10 years.

Both schemes of Axis and Mirae along with Kotak Nasdaq are good schemes to be continued

Debt funds will not be able to generate the kind of returns required to achieve the corpus

HrushikeshPatnaik: I have been investing in MF since last 5 years with a diversified portfolio.

For faster growth, I am interested in topping-up SIPs in good performing funds, but understood that I can't top-up SIPs in already running funds. This has to be by cancelling current SIPs and starting a fresh with top-up instruction. I am not comfortable with this idea as I want to create a long term portfolio and starting afresh will impact growth.

Alternate way is to invest lump sums every month through "Additional purchase" request which I am OK with. 

Wondering if this is ok if I keep adding additional sum every month through Lump sums along with SIPs in the same funds and in the same folio? Please advice.

Omkeshwar Singh: There are options available for top up with AMCs, and it happens automatically without any need to cancel existing schemes and start afresh.

However most of the digital platforms don’t have this option, therefore, if you are comfortable, you may do additional purchases per month in the SIP schemes as lumpsum.

ashren grover: I have been investing in various mutual funds over last few years. I am currently 42 and plan to continue investing for next 10-15 years minimum to create substantial corpus for child's future and retired life. Below is my portfolio, please suggest further:

1 Axis Bluechip Growth 1,72,491 1,70,996 7,500
2 Aditya Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity 4,09,998 6,09,368 5,000
3 HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities 5,49,998 8,57,188 5,000
4 Kota Flexi Cap Regular Plan Growth 6,34,995 9,45,700 5,000
5 Kotak Gold Regular Growth 34,998 32,944 10,000

Omkeshwar Singh: Continue with 1; rest need change

Change 2 to Parag Parikh Flexi -Cap – Growth

Change 3 to DSP Mid Cap – Growth

Change 4 to UTI Flexi Cap – Growth

Change 5 to Axis ESG Fund – Growth

Himanshu Raina: I am 40 years old and I am looking to invest 16k every month (4k per SIP) with a horizon of 10years. Please suggest.

Omkeshwar Singh:

a)   UTI Flexi Cap – Growth

b)  Parag Parikh Flexi- Cap Growth

c)   Axis ESG Equity Fund – Growth

d)  DSP Mid Cap Fund – Growth

If you want Mr Singh's advice on your mutual fund investments, please mail your questions to with the subject line, 'Ask MF Guru', along with your name, and he will offer his unbiased views.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for information purposes only. This article and information do not constitute a distribution, an endorsement, an investment advice, an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities/schemes or any other financial products/investment products mentioned in this QnA or an attempt to influence the opinion or behaviour of the investors/recipients.

Any use of the information/any investment and investment related decisions of the investors/recipients are at their sole discretion and risk. Any advice herein is made on a general basis and does not take into account the specific investment objectives of the specific person or group of persons. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

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