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What I want in 2011: 'A 1BHK in Mumbai!'

Last updated on: January 03, 2011 18:36 IST
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Here's what readers are wishing for in 2011! Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

On December 31, we invited you to share your biggest wish for this year.

We bring you the first few responses!

First up we have Naveen Kumar V R's entry:

My wish for 2011 is that India's legal system introduce stringent capital punishment for all crimes so that terrorism, scams and crime rates come down.

Nalini J Kudalkar sent in a whole list of things to do:

Every year I wish for something new -- some get granted and some don't. In 2011, I want:

  • A holiday on a beach
  • A raise in my salary
  • To change my residence
  • To holiday in Kerala
  • Inflation to come down to 6 percent
  • To take Sakhoo, my pet, on a long drive

Vivek Vorani kept it short and sweet:

I want an iTouch 64 GB and for my girlfriend to stay happy with me!

Says Rahul:

I am trying for a government job for the last one year -- my wish is to get a government job.

And finally, here is Govind Bhanushali's desire:

My wish for 2011 is a one room kitchen home in Mumbai (near my office in Andheri East).

What is your wish for 2011? Share it with us and other readers by writing in to (subject line: 'My wish for 2011') and we'll publish it right here, along with other entries!


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