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IN PICS: India from a traveller's lens

Last updated on: March 05, 2017 10:39 IST

Our reader Maneesh Menon has shared some stunning pictures of India. You can share yours too at #India-Photos!

Often photographers focus on the obvious while taking pictures. 

But Rediff reader Maneesh Menon has a knack for seeing the beauty in inanimate objects whenever he travels. 

Wonder what we're talking about? 

Take a look at these travel pics.

India Photos

IMAGE: Colourful doors are synonymous with Pondicherry, aren't they!

India Photos

IMAGE: It's chai time at Valparai.
Many know that this hill station in Coimbatore is famous for its climate and scenic views. But the best part of Valparai is the well-manicured tea and coffee gardens.

Taj Mahal

IMAGE: We have all seen this cliched shot of Taj Mahal in Agra. But scroll down to see how Maneesh shot it differently...

India Photos

IMAGE: The Taj Mahal at Agra glistens in the sun at the end of a dark passage. 

India Photos

IMAGE: Who knows how many people have climbed these steps in a hotel in Agra?

India Photos

IMAGE: The Qutab Minar shot from a different angle. 

India Photos

IMAGE: A pic of Qutab Minar with the ruins in the foreground.

India Photos

IMAGE: The Lotus Temple in Delhi. 

India Photos

IMAGE: The sun sets on this statue in Shimla.

India Photos

IMAGE: A silhouette of YS Parmar's statue in Shimla seen at sunset. 

India Photos

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