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Recipe: Jayanti's Doodhi Ke Gatte And Dahi Kadhi

Last updated on: August 05, 2022 15:02 IST

Does the idea of something made with doodhi or lauki (green bottle gourd) scare you off or sound awfully boring?

It needn't. 

Well-cooked doodhi is the base for a number of delightful recipes. For instance: Jayanti Soni's Doodhi Ke Gatte

A classic Rajasthani dish, it can be had as a snack or a meal -- as steamed dumplings with buttermilk-gram flour Dahi Kadhi or with green chutney and chai. 

Jayanti, who grew up in Bhinmal, Jalore district, specialises mainly in traditional Rajasthani cooking. Her tips: She says the timing for when to add every ingredient, the cooking time for the ingredients in a dish and identifying when each stage of cooking for a recipe is done is critical in order to get the dish to turn out just right.

She prefers cooking with desi ghee, peanut/groundnut oil and mustard oil. Rajasthani preparations call for ghee usually.

Jayanti's children -- Riddhi is 14 and Dhairya is 19 -- prefer to eat new things and Jayanti rustles up Chhole-Bhature, idlis and dosa for them. They like cheese a lot so she has been experimenting with adding cheese and paneer to various recipes like samosas or coming up with special cheese and vegetable sandwiches.

Also try her recipes for Gatte Ki Sabji or Vrat Pulau 

Photographs: Dhairya Soni

Doodhi Ke Gatte

Serves: 2-3



Editor's Note: Monsoon weather brings its share of illnesses and since the preparation of Doodhi Ke Gatte requires use of your hands and several surfaces, Jayanti warns that hygiene is important -- do wash your hands several times while cooking and keep surfaces clean and fly-free.

For Jain Doodhi Ke Gatte skip the ginger and garlic. Use 1 tsp of saunth or dried ginger powder instead.

For a gluten-free version use besan or chickpea flour rather than wheat flour.

Try Jayanti's Dahi Kadhi, recipe given below or Anagha Gade's recipe for Maharashtrian Dahi Kadhi.

Or Bethica Das' Chicken Kofta Yoghurt Curry.

If having the Doodhi Ke Gatte as a snack, make one of Mini Ribeiro's Six Types of Chutneys or Lahu Kapduskar's the green chutney recipe in his Idli Sandwich preparation.

WATCH: How to make Doodhi Ke Gatte.
Video: Dhairya Soni  


Dahi Kadhi

Serves: 2-3



Editor's Note: For a vegan version of Dahi Kadhi use vegan yoghurt or substitute the buttermilk with diluted coconut cream and add a squeeze of lime juice before taking off heat.

This Dahi Kadhi may also be eaten with hot rotis or steamed rice with papad and Rajesh Karkera's Crispy Pan-Fried Bhindi.

WATCH: How to make Kadhi
Video: Dhairya Soni