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This fashion blogger in a hijab is winning the Internet

Last updated on: September 21, 2018 16:47 IST

Elegant in a hijab, this Muslim beauty blogger is winning hearts with her Instagram pics and videos.

Meet Win Lae Phyu Sin, 19, one of the youngest beauty bloggers in Myanmar.

She'll teach you how to apply mascara, eye-shadow and highlighters in her beauty tutorials on social media, which she documents on Facebook and Instagram.

But her Instagram page is not just about the make up.

It is the diary of a young girl in a hijab, who stays close to her roots, while embracing a cool, chic vibe.

With her posts, she has been building the confidence of her fans and teaching them how to take pride in their identity, just like she did.

She revealed her struggles in an Instagram post: 'I just want you to know that I'm standing in this field not with ease and comfort.'

The beauty blogger, who started off in 2016, added that she used 60,000 kyats (approximately ₹2,700) to buy cosmetics.

'I learned from online and books given by my mom. I love my hijab and I love just being me,' she added.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Win Lae Phyu Sin/Instagram

'Love of being Hijabi' reads her handle on Instagram. Win Lae Phyu Sin likes to be known as a 'fashionable and adorable Burmese beauty blogger'.

According to Reuters, 'Muslims in Buddhist-majority Myanmar usually keep a low profile for fear of intimidation, but Win Lae Phyu Sin, one of the community's rare bloggers on beauty care, has gone the other way'.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Win Lae Phyu Sin/Instagram

'Red means bravery' for this young beauty blogger, who is breaking stereotypes with her social media accounts.

For all those young women who are struggling with their journey, this blogger has some advice: 'Ignore people that are #shitty and wear the prettiest smile on your face.'

Her students feel that her tutorials are not just about applying make up. 'It is also about building confidence.'

'I saw her applying make up while wearing the hijab and it's amazingly beautiful,' Hay Mann Aung, one of her students, told Reuters.

Photograph: Ann Wang/Reuters

'Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway,' writes Win Lae Phyu Sin on her Instagram page.

Not only does she love wearing stylish clothes, this blogger also takes the extra effort to match her hijabs with her mascara and eye shadow.

Seen here posing for a photograph on her way home after teaching a make up class in downtown Yangon.

Photograph: Ann Wang/Reuters

She loves taking selfies and has 10,000 followers on Facebook.

Photograph: Ann Wang/Reuters

Making the hijab look cool!

Win Lae Phyu Sin recently attended a beauty product launch along with other beauty bloggers in Yangon, Myanmar.

Sporting a white and green asymmetrical gown and a matching headscarf, she commanded attention and how!

Photograph: Ann Wang/Reuters

The blogger with her boyfriend Aung San Oo on a date after editing make-up tutorial video blogs at his office in Yangon.

Photograph: Ann Wang/Reuters

This pic was taken in the kitchen of her home.

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