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The Man Who Loves India

Last updated on: April 09, 2024 11:34 IST
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Popular YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri has a few confessions to make and Abhishek Mande Bhot is most willing to lend an ear.
Videos: Afsar Dayatar/

Khalid Al Ameri

Photograph: Kind courtesy Khalid Al Ameri/Instagram

He's happy. He's friendly. He certainly laughs a lot. And he absolutely, absolutely loves biryani.

But first, in a fun-filled conversation with Abhishek Mande Bhot, popular UAE-based YouTuber, Khalid Al Ameri -- whose channel has over 3.44 million subscribers and 200 videos -- explains why he is totally in love with India.

Videos: Afsar Dayatar/


Stereotypes, he agrees with Abhishek, exist in every country.

Here he is, debunking a few.



The man who makes everyone smile has a superpower. It's not something everyone can do so he's quite thrilled that he can gift this to his viewers.


For a man who has eaten an amazing number of biryanis, he makes the big reveal.

The best biryani in the world is during a visit he made to India. No, it was not in his favourite Indian destination, Kerala... not in Hyderabad... not in Mumbai... but in...


He has a fun take on excuses as well, especially work-related ones :)


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