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10 Tips to Manage Stress

July 14, 2021 11:27 IST
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Our true nature is tranquillity; that is how we are; we need to shed away what we are not and whatever is causing stress, advises spiritual coach Modmonk Anshul.

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Stress is such a commonly used word in today's world that it has entered the dictionary of a commoner.

As if working to make ends meet and handling home was stressful enough, now working from home has become a nightmare for many, to say the least.

There is a lot going on, and there is only so much a mind can articulate and make sense of at a time (unless, of course, you are spiritually awakened, well, then you wouldn't stress out at all!).

Our mind is tired and overworked -- emotionally, mentally, physically -- and spiritually exhausted!

My question to you is a spiritually aware one -- a question you will need to ask yourself and be honest about it.

Have you ever stopped and thought: What is causing me this stress? Or

Am I the one who is causing this internally by not genuinely paying attention to what matters to my mind and soul?

Many times, I have also noticed that people take on the feeling of being stressed because it gives them a sense of belonging in today's world.

There are many more probabilities, yes!

But either way, it cannot be denied that 'stress' is real, and it needs to be dealt with in a manner that removes the roots of it from our mind completely.

The process and time of releasing yourself and making oneself stress-free will undoubtedly be different for different individuals, depending on their deep-rooted issues, social upbringing, and personal image in their mind.

I have many people come to with stress, anxiety and depression with whom I use different techniques like alternative healing therapies, EFT, hypnosis, NLP, affirmations etc.

Here are 10 guaranteed ways you can reduce or manage stress in your everyday life:

1. Identify and stay aware

This is the first and the most essential thing one should do regularly -- be aware and mindful of your mental and emotional patterns.

Notice what triggers you and how you react - emotionally and mentally.

How do your thoughts change? Knowing your stressors can help you manage your stress.

Identifying the things that cause stress in your life can help you avoid potentially stressful situations and how you react to them when you face them in the future.

2. Correct your sleep clock and pattern

This is the basis of all. If you have not slept well or enough, you will be irritable, and every small thing can start affecting you and make you snap.

Over time, you would have collected many such small experiences that will lead to a more significant issue, resulting in stress.

Try going to bed by 10.30 and wake up by max 6 am. It might sound very school-like, but it is the best for your mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Get the right room temperature, bed, pillow and blanket.

It is essential to be comfortable; your mind is processing information and healing your body heal when you sleep.

3. Hear yourself. Listen!

When our mind and spirit are ignored we tend to take what our soul is craving for in the everyday rut of life.

We might not realise it consciously, but our subconscious mind does! And it acts out by pulling and tearing us in two different directions internally.

Listen to your mind and soul.

If it is tired, or it needs a break or anything they are trying to give you signs of - and trust me they do!

We need to listen. And when we listen, we will be in the universal harmony of peace and tranquillity internally, then - what stress?

4. Take a good sea salt and apple cider vinegar bath

This is miraculous! When you stress, even though it is your mind, your muscles get tightened and sore.

The cells hold on to tension more than you mind. Sea salt in a tub (or a bucket) will help you pull the negativity out and release your muscle stress.

You can add essential oils and aromas, but make sure the water is a little warm!

5. Eat clean food

Pay attention to what you are eating on an everyday basis. You are what you eat, and it is true.

The energy in your food is running through your veins and makes you feel the same frequency the food was in before you ate it.

So eat good, freshly cooked wholesome meals.

You can also say gratitude towards it before you eat it to make it even more good for your body, eventually for your mind thereby reducing stress over some time of course!

6. Practice meditation and mindfulness

We have been harping over the buzzword meditation for a while now.

It is true that being in the state of meditation calms your nerves down not just instantaneously but also for a long time.

It will help you organise thoughts, feelings, and emotions and give you the capacity to deal with them constructively.

Being mindful will help you be in the present moment.

7. Take the much-needed break

If you can financially and physically afford a vacation to some scenic place where you can connect back with nature, great! Take it!

If you cannot, even then, you can take a break for a day or two just being mentally in a happy state, not worrying and taking some time off for yourself and enjoying the moment.

Take a break to reconnect with yourself.

8. Give yourself a helping hand you need

Sometimes, you have piled on your emotional and mental problems a little too much and have ignored them for so long that you really can't get yourself to help yourself.

It is time you let someone give you a helping hand; it is OK for a healer, therapist or a friend ( make sure you choose the right one) to help you move on and deal with it.

Be open to expressing your issues to them, and hear what they have to say.

9. Get yourself moving

Exercise and workout at least 3 times a week; it is not only necessary to maintain good health but also a great and healthy way to manage stress.

Pump up the adrenalin. You will feel happier and confident as a person too.

10. What's your hobby?

It is noted that when you do what you love, you get so immersed in it as meditating.

When you have a hobby and consciously cultivate and nurture it in daily life, it helps you express your feelings, channel your emotions and helps you get clarity of thought, all resulting in mental peace and calm.

It can be as simple as solving jigsaw puzzles, painting, reading, lying down, and listening to music.

If you do not have any hobby, try getting one. it will help you in the long run!

Use these tips to see the change in your being, not just mentally but spiritually too!

Remember Rome was not built in one day, and all the stresses you have collected might not vanish away in a snap. But they will in time and they have to, as long as you take small steps towards a happy and peaceful you.

Our true nature is tranquillity; that is how we are; we need to shed away what we are not and whatever is causing stress.

Even a little progress is progress, after all!

Stay happy, stay safe and stay in divine bliss.

Modmonk Anshul is a business psychologist, spiritual coach, personality profiler and chartered marketer.
The TEDx speaker is the founder of SoulSchool that looks at the personal, professional and spiritual development of individuals.

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