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Safety Tips for Women: 'Text your travel route to a friend'

December 11, 2014 14:27 IST
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"Irrespective of who you're travelling with, make it a habit to text your travel route and vehicle number to a close friend." readers tell us what travellers can do to ensure their safety.

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Safety tips: Always share your travel routeRediff reader Krishnamohan feels that travellers should maintain the habit of sharing their travel route and details with their friends and family.

He says: "Either before or soon after you board a taxi, auto or bus, make it a habit to text the route and vehicle number to a close friend or family member.

"This can be done both during the day and at night.

"One has to make this a compulsory practice irrespective of the people or vehicle they are travelling with.

"Popularising such an act will create a natural fear in the mind of fraudsters.

"It should be mandatory for the driver to display his photo and driving license.

"Always keep a friend or family member aware of your movements even if it is very late and you're not sure of your plans."

Srini Bapassa, another reader feels that if a cab driver is made accountable for his job, there is a good chance of reducing crimes.

I think the cab service provider should make a policy of a driver himself handing out his bio data -- photograph, license, phone number and the rating card -- so cab riders could rate the driver based on his service.

This will not only help improve the safety of the cab rider, but also help the driver's reputation.

This way drivers will work with utmost attention and sincerity.

The drivers will also bear in mind that their reputation, job and license is at risk, if they do anything wrong.

Both the rider and driver have to be pragmatic.

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Dear readers, what advice do you have for people who travel late?

What precautions should they take to avoid being in danger?

What should they do when they're in danger?

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