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Valentine's Day: What the stars foretell

By Monisha Dudaney
Last updated on: February 11, 2015 18:20 IST
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These predictions will ensure you have the perfect romantic day.


If your date is an Arian man:

Get ready for a spontaneous and charming knight in shining armour. This day will be perfection personified. He will surprise you, intrigue you, make you blush.

The Arian man is considerate; his actions speak louder than words.

Expect to feel like a queen; his romantic gestures will be extravagant! It could be a love note accompanied by flowers, hanging plants, chocolates or jewellery.

If he has made up his mind, he will probably get serious.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Anything adventurous will make the Arian man happy.

Gift him tickets to a camping trek or opt for carefully selected antique furniture, old clocks, stylish clothes or gadgets and watch that smile spread across his face!

If your date is an Arian woman:

She is passionate, has a sense of humour and makes the most of life.

Elegant, neat and chic, she likes to match her outfit with the perfect footwear.

The ideal Valentine gift:

She loves surprises. You can indulge her with a spa treatment, great formal clothes and make-up that will match that glowing smile.

She would love delicate silver jewellery, a photo frame carrying one of her pictures, a sexy bedroom book or a stunning watch.

You can instantly win her approval with a well-planned meal cooked especially for her. 

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If your date is a Taurean man:

Steadfast, solid, romantic and generous, your Taurean man's sweet gifts will leave you stunned.

However, do be prepared for direct questions (accompanied by that charming, honest smile!) on where your relationship is heading. 

The result? There could be an announcement of a wedding in the near future :)

The ideal Valentine gift:

You will need to be both observant and perceptive to get a Taurean man what he desires.

He appreciates brands. You can choose between classic leather shoes, sunglasses, ties, cuff links, a snazzy perfume or even an entry into an exclusive lounge or party. 

If your date is a Taurean woman:

She will be impressed by the effort you have put in to make this a romantic day.

A private dinner with no one around will thrill her to bits!

If you have been both constant and affectionate, you will find the lady you are wooing respond to your feelings.  

The ideal Valentine gift:

She enjoys the luxuries of life. Jewellery, chocolate, perfumes and leather jackets will win her heart for sure.

Looking for a Taurean match?

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If your date is a Gemini man:

He will be your best friend, lover and confidante. He'll make you laugh.

The Gemini man finds it easier to fall in love with a close friend, but takes his own time to move from a friendship into a romantic relationship.

Loyalty is important to him.

He will create little romantic moments so a day out at a park, museum or watching a rom-com movie is likely.

He may indicate he wants to spend quality time with you. Long conversations and sharing your feelings will strengthen your bond.

The ideal Valentine gift:

He loves the good life, yet there are very few gifts that will make him unhappy.

Indulge his multi-talented, multi-faceted personality. Music, books, tarot cards, puzzles or even a home-cooked meal will touch his heart.

If your date is a Gemini woman:

She's enthusiastic, seductive, stylish and sweet.

The Gemini woman is a great communicator and is easy to please. Indulge her desires and challenge her by being interesting and intriguing. 

Hold her hand whenever you can to show her how much you enjoy being with her. 

The ideal Valentine gift:

She loves beautiful things, so you have a wide range to choose from –- a perfect bouquet of red roses, beautiful earrings, a snazzy bracelet, books, music , tickets to a comedy show, dinner at a multi-cuisine restaurant…

Just keep it heartfelt.

Looking for a Gemini match?

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If your date is a Cancerian man:

He's sensitive, intense, moody and chivalrous! Just make sure he is in the mood to socialise before you plan something extravagant.

He will go out of his way to make you feel like a million bucks by gifting you something personal. You can look forward to a spa treatment or tickets to stand-up comedy act or a funny play. 

If you have committed yourselves to each other, he will make this an unforgettable day.

He will be attentive and indulgent and spend every moment with you. He will do everything he can to make you happy with small but truly heartfelt gestures.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Make it as personal as possible. At the same time, make sure it celebrates his intelligence. That will make him ecstatic.

He will appreciate a book or DVDs of his favourite movies. You could also gift him a creative writing/ language course.

If your date is a Cancerian woman:

She likes to take control and plan everything. Your suggestions are welcome but she will make the final decisions. You will be pleasantly surprised with the end result.

A Cancerian woman is a home bird… expect decorations, gifts all over the place and an atmosphere that is exceeding romantic. 

The ideal Valentine gift:

Anything that makes her feel special works like a charm.

Scented candles, incense sticks, aroma oils, spa vouchers, precious stones and beads, trinkets or silver jewellery will bring a pretty smile to her face.

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The best Zodiac matches are Sagittarius and Capricorn.


If your date is a Leo man:

You can look forward to a magnificent day.

He won't forget to open doors or present you with flowers.

All through the day, he will surprise you by gifting you all those little things you've desired but never bought for yourself.

Leo men are charming and love the chase, so play hard-to-get :).

If you take the trouble to dress elegantly for the occasion, he will be thrilled.

Work could get in the way of play but the Leo man will still find a way to spend some quality, fun-filled moments with you.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift him a watch or a branded cufflinks/ tie  and watch your man preen.

Praise, reassurance and mushy words/songs will make him feel on top of the world.

If your date is a Leo woman:

Leo women like to be treated in a royal manner. If you make her the centre of your universe, nothing can stop you from winning her heart.

She loves long drives, holidays and romance-filled weekends.

A Leo woman is a loyal yet intriguing partner. Good food, good wine and good music will get her in the mood for romance!

The ideal Valentine gift:

Your gifts should be bold and beautiful.

A Leo woman loves bags, sunglasses, jewellery, art, sculpture, handmade bangles, pottery, stained glass and ceramic items. She'll be happy with the latest gadget as well.

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If your date is a Virgo man:

All he's looking for is a quiet, thoughtful, honest display of love.

He's happiest at home, so plan a date there with his favourite food and music.

Your Virgo man is an introvert, yet he enjoys your drama and flamboyance. Keep the conversation interesting and a couple of movies handy… and you won't realise how the hours have flown by.

If you are in a committed relationship, you will find your man being romantic. Gifts will be thoughtful if not fancy and there will be many significant gestures on his part.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Virgo men are easy to please. Just make sure you listen to them.

You can gift them perfumes, clothes, shoes, a fancy shaving set or even great keychains and books.

Considering how much they love food, yet still desire to be fit, they will appreciate being enrolled in an exercise/workout class. 

If your date is a Virgo woman:

You could spend the entire day whispering sweet nothings in her ear and she will be happy.

A Virgo woman wants to be the centre of your world.

You could make her feel extra-special by writing or reading poetry to her.

She's fun-loving and enjoys mysterious surprises, so make the most of it! 

The ideal Valentine gift:

The Virgo woman is sweet and appreciates your attempts to be innovative.

Make her feel special and watch her glow with happiness when you gift her a bouquet of her favourite flowers, delicate jewellery, potpourri, satin linen, a make-up set or a subscription to a beauty magazine.

Looking for a Virgo match?

The best Zodiac matches are Aries and Gemini.


If your date is a Libran man:

He belongs to one of the most romantic and poetic signs of the Zodiac and will pull out all stops for you.

Enjoy the attention and look forward to an evening filled with fun.

He might even whisk you away on a holiday where you will spend a memorable evening walking on the beach, enjoying the sunset together.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Your man loves the outdoors so a road trip or a quick weekend outing will make him perfectly happy.

Given his daring sense of style, he will enjoy fashion-related events as well. 

If your date is a Libran woman:

She will demand your time and attention and is quite willing to fall in with your plans if they are interesting.

Despite her tantrums and unreasonable ways, your Libran woman is special.

She has a sweet, flirtatious manner; you need to remain grounded and have a solid head on your shoulders if you want to keep her. 

The ideal Valentine gift:

She is passionate about beauty and art and likes small, pretty items.

You could gift her anything… from a hair comb to a tea set, a table cloth or champagne glasses but it must appeal to her sense of beauty.

She loves bling and shopping for skin and beauty products and lovely clothes.

Looking for a Libran match?

The best Zodiac matches are Aries and Gemini.


If your date is a Scorpio man:

He will woo you in style, with songs, personalised gifts, framed photographs of the two of you and trendy clothes.

Both of you are happier this year because you are feeling closer to each other. Your love for each other will become more exciting as you take your relationship to the next level.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Sweet gestures, a great meal and the perfect music will make a Scorpio man even more attracted towards you.

Woo him with jackets, jeans, belts, colognes, shirts or satchels.

If your date is a Scorpio woman:

She is a sensational and seductive lady. Her lovely voice and flamboyant gestures will mesmerise you! 

Scorpio women love romance, big gestures, lots of attention and laughter... She may not tell you what she really feels but if she has agreed to go out with you, it means she's interested.

Go ahead and charm her off her wise little feet. Gift her beautiful flowers, surprise her with little love notes and she is sure to reciprocate.

Just make sure you don't take your eyes off her or mention another woman ;)

The ideal Valentine gift:

Jewellery, perfumes and personal mementoes make her happy. Season the evening with a dash of wine and a jazz concert or even a walk/ long drive... The ensuing romance will be amazing.

Looking for a Scorpio match?

The best Zodiac matches are Pisces and Aries.


If your date is a Sagittarian man:

Optimistic, gregarious, largehearted, honest, affectionate Saggitarians make great lovers.

You might find yourself travelling to an exotic location or charmed into trying an adventurous outdoor sport.

Go with the flow for he will keep your desires in mind! You can expect fantastic gifts and a home-cooked meal.

The ideal Valentine gift:

A weekend getaway to the mountains or the beaches will prove amazing!

The Saggitarian man loves enriching his life. Stimulating his mind with a book or enrolling him in a course on yoga or meditation will be a welcome gift.

If your date is a Sagittarian woman:

Your date is a free-spirited, genuinely lovely person.

She loves doing fun things and you'll have to offer a variety of options to ensure she is not bored.

A cruise to an air balloon ride to a day at a comedy show or an amusement park and treats that include her favourite food items, colourful candies and drinks will ensure she doesn't forget your thoughtfulness.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Fashionwear, ethnic jewellery, pots, pans, hand printed curtains and shawls, painted glasses, bags and bedsheets will make her smile.

Looking for a Sagittarian match?

The best Zodiac matches are Aries and Pisces.


If your date is a Capricorn man:

Reserved yet open-minded, he will eventually get around to doing something special.

He will steal time from his busy life to plan a warm, happy date filled with magical moments.

It could be dinner at your favourite restaurant or a walk under the stars as he makes promises that he will keep!

The ideal Valentine gift:

Good clothes, shoes, wallets and designer sunglasses appeal to him immensely.

Or you could gift him an amazing makeover, a session at a health spa, a massage or a meal to remember!

If your date is a Capricorn woman:

Capricorn women like to be wooed, celebrated and taken care of. It is important that you plan the day in advance, from booking a table at a restaurant to gifts to decorations; nothing must be haphazard.

She dresses beautifully and is perfectly made-up and accessorised.

A Capricorn woman has high self-esteem, great confidence and a greater sense of humour.

Cards, flowers and chocolate will make her smile. She loves bright, warm colours and classy gifts and gestures.

If you are making any promises, make sure you mean what you say for she will take you seriously.

The ideal Valentine gift:

She knows exactly what she wants so it would be a good idea to ask her... you'll get an honest answer.

Interesting novels, biographies, a great pair of earrings with a matching bracelet, anklets and a written declaration of love should work its magic.

Looking for a Capricorn match?

The ideal Zodiac matches are Taurus and Gemini.


If your date is an Aquarian man:

Get ready for a breezy, unconventional day that could include camping, a long walk or a trip to the closest museum or botanical garden/ safari.

Be as expressive as possible; he likes lyrics and poetry

If you are in committed relationship, the smile won't leave your face as he celebrates this special day in innovative and expressive ways.

The ideal Valentine gift:

A new gadget makes for a perfect gift. If you are gifting a computer game, make sure it is something with many levels as the Aquarian man is always in search of excitement.

If your date is an Aquarian woman:

She love to explore so surprise her.

Quaint restaurants with great architecture and perfect lighting are her thing. A day out at the golf course, bowling, a long drive or watching a waterfall will please her.

Your smallest gesture will mean a lot to her.

The ideal Valentine gift:

She loves beautiful, delicate, fragrant gifts like candles, essential oil-based creams, perfumes, bath gels, soft music and romantic books.

Looking for an Aquarian match?

The best Zodiac matches are Scorpio and Pisces.


If your date is a Piscean man:

A love affair with the easy-going, affectionate Piscean is exactly what you need.  

He will keep you hooked with his romantic gestures, gentle ways, beautiful cards and promises.

You might end up spending your day at a beach.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Pisceans love gifts... search for the right music, art, painting, book, cologne or gadget.

If your date is a Piscean woman:

The most sentimental woman in the Zodiac, she is sensitive, observant, warm and caring.

She loves pastel colours and you can woo easily woo her with chocolates, soft toys and mushy cards!

Only make those promises that you can keep as you will be answerable for what you say .

The ideal Valentine gift:

Words mean the world to her.

Say something meaningful and beautiful... write a poem, recite love couplets, dedicate special songs to her.

You can also gift her soul-stirring music, perfumes, cookery books, a beautiful vase or a personalised jewellery box.

Looking for a Piscean match?

The best Zodiac matches are Scorpio and Aries.

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