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Pet pics: Meet Pintu the mischievous dog

By Kishore Reddy
October 12, 2019 09:25 IST
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We asked you to shared pics of your pets. Kishore Reddy shares a letter on his pet's behalf.

Pintu, who turned 15 this October, writes a letter about how he was found. Read on...

'I am a German shepherd. I was born on Oct 2004.

'My sister Jyothsna, who was then doing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Tumkur (Karnataka), visited her friend's home and found me along with my mom and four siblings.

'I've no clue what made her choose me among my siblings for adoption, but today I feel super fortunate to have been brought into this beautiful, caring family. 

'I have thrown many challenges at them by slipping away from home, roaming around the locality, coming back after a few hours covered in dirt, calling mom from the neighbour's building pleading her to open the gate to finding new shortcuts to enter my home.

'I remember one day some kids irritated me and I took revenge by pushing one of them into the murky water while he was on his way to school on a rainy day.

'That's me! I've done everything under the sun a mischievous doggy can do.'



We ask you, dear readers to share pics of your pets.

Write in to with 'My Pet Pic' in the subject line and share your responses along with your NAME, AGE and the place where you LIVE.

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Kishore Reddy
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