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#JabWeMet: I was struck by her smile

February 16, 2015 17:03 IST
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We invited you, dear readers, to share your love stories.

Here, Akash Sharma reminisces the first time he met his wife Mamta

Akash Sharma with his wife Mamta

After college, I had firmly established myself in a good career, and was planning to settle down.

I was introduced to several families and their daughters.

It was an emotionally draining experience. Besides, I could not connect with anyone.

I returned home, very unsure of the "arranged marriage" concept.

A few months later I was travelling to Kolkata, where a family well known to my jiju (brother-in-law) invited me for lunch.

I met many relatives, but the eligible young woman was nowhere to be found.

We agreed that I would meet Mamta at her parents' home.

The next day, we sat in the living area with all of the family -- except for Mamta.

She entered the room about 10 minutes later.

I was struck by her smile and her gracious mannerisms.

She appeared confident as she sat across from me, but all we could do is engage in some polite conversation.

Her sisters and friends and my entourage of two eagerly listened to every word.

Soon enough, however, everyone else seemed to fade into the background. Mamta and I quietly connected.

She was beautiful, with dark hair and big black eyes and a luminescent glow to her.

Mostly, I loved that smile.

I wanted to ask for her hand in marriage, but I couldn't pop the question right there.

After a long chat with my parents I gave my consent, which I felt was the right approach.

Mamta also agreed.

We married, and I brought my wife to my home in Durgapur.

Post marriage, on weekends, we liked visiting the malls.

On our first anniversary, I surprised her with lovely gifts.

Love can be tricky. Sometimes it starts with passion and vigour and then, over a period of time, it dissipates and is gone.

For me, it has been a gradual process.

I love my wife more now than when we got married.

We still work at it.

Mamta makes me feel that she is lucky to be married to me.

I set the breakfast table for her and leave her notes and flowers. Now she has a crate full of such memorabilia.

Each day I consciously pause to take a break from the rush of life and hold her close and tell her that I love her, that I'm thankful she is my wife.

Generally, people date, fall in love and then marry. But sometimes people marry and then fall in love.

There is no one way. There is no one order of events. Sometimes love builds.


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