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Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for 2015

By Monisha Dudaney
January 13, 2015 18:12 IST
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Will you get married this year?

Will you find love?

Will your boss be happy with your performance?

Will you get that promotion?

What about travel? Will you be destined to travel?

And will that lucrative job finally come your way?

Monisha Dudaney tells you what the stars predict for the coming months.

Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for 2015

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The spontaneous, charming, and bold Arians enter 2015 with a view of attracting happiness.

Travel is on the cards and will be profitable especially during summer.

Litigations, if any, may get delayed till October.

Many of you will indulge in a new sport/hobby.

You will spend time with family and may also celebrate happy occasions, perhaps even a wedding this year.

Lucky stone: Ruby

Lucky day: Tuesday

Lucky colour: Red


The year will be action-packed but remember slow and steady will win the race.

Travel will be on the cards and will be proftable.

All those in the teaching, counselling, training, medical and research fields, will have a result-oriented time between April and September.

Employees looking for a new job may get a new profile in their present organisation mid-year, which will be a good turning point.


As your charms work their magic, you will find love beckoning you!

Single Arians will look for commitment.

July onwards Venus shines brightly for you.

Those married will get closer, get rid of misunderstandings and will end the year on a note of harmony.



Steady, ambitious and happy Taurus people will commence 2015 with some introspection.

You will add value to your work and at the same time spend quality time with all those that really matter.

February onwards, you will be more focused and purposeful.

Some of you will try your hand at a new venture or chuck an old addiction/habit.

Students will need to study with determination to be able to get desired universities and if you desire law or business administration, luck is on your side, July onwards.

Spending time with yourself will be on top of your mind as will renovating and beautifying your personal space.

You will have good health.

Lucky stone: Jade

Lucky day: Wednesday

Lucky colour: Olive green


Ambitious and hardworking, you are out to prove your mettle this year.

Those employed will get additional responsibility; perhaps an overseas project is likely by January end.

Your peers and seniors will have their eyes on you so it will be wise to be result-oriented and diplomatic.

If you are involved in trading, garments, media and writing /publishing, you will be your best this summer.

Finances will be good and will get better post June.

Many of you will decide to invest in real estate.

Travel will be frequent and you will meet a lot of like-minded people.


You will be more mature while interacting with the opposite sex and less demanding.

For those in a committed relationship, marriage bells will ring soon.

Take a journey with your significant other; it will help you know each other better.



The proverbial twin, multi-talented and extremely creative Gemini is all set to do daringly different things in 2015.

Around April you will see a side of people that you may not necessarily like.

You will need to be more forgiving and accepting.

Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, London and Dubai are lucky places for you to do business in.

Health won't be an issue though you should get those minor ailments looked into.

Lucky stone: Diamond

Lucky day: Friday

Lucky colour: White


You have your fingers in many pies and success will be yours.

You will be required to multi-task and innovate in your chosen field of expertise.

There may be people interested in your talents and might even be willing to back you up financially or partner with you.

You will do well financially and short term ventures and mutual funds/deposits/shares will yield good results.


If you are coming out of a broken relationship, expect some excitement between March and May.

However, you will want to test the waters before you commit so you don't end up hurting yourself again.

Married couples will enjoy wedded bliss, may purchase luxury items for their home, go on a long exotic holiday and even plan a family.



The first half of 2015 will be challenging.

You will need to be patient, observant and ensure you make the right moves.

Many of you will introspect and some will even decide to change tracks.

You will be more charitable and forgiving and draw the best out of everyone including yourself!

Travel suits you and will be profitable as well as pleasurable!

Expect success at any entrance exams around June.

You may decide to learn a new language or try your hand at a hobby and will spend considerable time in being fit and healthy.

Family ties will be good.

Lucky stone: Pearl

Lucky day: Sunday

Lucky colour: Cream


Your intellect and teaming up with some like-minded people will be profitable by May.

If you are in politics, manufacturing, telecom, sales and art, expect to be in the limelight from June onwards for your accomplishments.

Money comes and goes, investing it in shares will be a good choice.

It's wise to stay off loans and to clear your debts.

Added responsibilities may be come your way.


You may finally get the courage to ask your secret crush out around mid-year and your feelings will be reciprocated.

Those in a long term relationship will get engaged in the first half of the year and plan a wedding in the second half.



The dynamic Leo moves into 2015 with a strong resolve and also some tact.

You will take firm decisions, put old grudges behind and get a fresh start.

New beginnings await you as you realise your good intentions are enough to bring about paradigm shifts.

You will make time for yourself.

Health-wise you will have a satisfactory 2015.

Weekends will be filled with happy, domestic chores.

Lucky stone: Amethyst

Lucky day: Sunday

Lucky colour: Purple


Lady luck will smile upon you but do not promise what you're not sure you can deliver.

Be realistic about your goals.

Be very, very careful if you're getting into a partnership; read all contracts carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

Those in the fields of education, web designing, e-learning, advertising and music / media will get lucky breaks by April.

Money won't be easy to come by so saving will be a good idea.


Those of you who are single will find yourself wanting to settle down.

Consider proposals that will come your way from friends and family around the middle of the year.

Wedding could be on the cards.

Young Leos will meet interesting people and have a great social life.

Those of you who are married must give your partner their space and respect their decisions.



The sensible and prudent Virgo will enter 2015 with a plan... a plan to succeed.

After having a mediocre 2014 with some last-minute success, you want to make this year a grand success.

Don't allow negative thoughts to get the better of you.

Clear all the clutter from your lives and learn to forgive people.

Lucky stone: Blue sapphire

Lucky day: Saturday

Lucky colour: Blue


You will be picky about what projects to choose and where to invest and it will be the best thing for you to do.

Take plenty of advice before coming to any major decisions.

April is a good time to commence on new projects and you can expect good money and fame mid-year.

Those working for websites, digital media, beauty, artist and creative people will do well and will be in the spotlight.

This will give you a good moral boost and money and fame will follow.

Finances will be good and those of you looking for opportunities in niche areas will get the breaks you desire.


If you are in a relationship, it will be happy and fulfilling.

Single people will look for a committed relationship.

Dreams will come true and family and friends will celebrate your love.



You will start the year wanting to put your skills to better use.

But don't be impatient as it could bring some setbacks.

Learning will be an important part of your life this year and you will want to study further in your chosen field of expertise.

You may need to take short breaks now and then to rejuvenate yourself.

Family life will be peaceful and you will be cheerful.

Lucky stone: Aquamarine

Lucky day: Friday

Lucky colour: Lavender for confidence


Expect a hike or a promotion around June.

Those of you involved in social media, television, radio, entertainment, clothes, leather and imports will do well.

Finances will be steady and post-July you could consider short-term investments.

Businessmen will do well and travel to the Far East and the Middle East is profitable


Single Librans will find themselves being the soul of every party and get attention from the opposite sex.

Make the most of it but don't hurt anyone.



Expect big changes in 2015.

You will achieve success but this will not be possible without you pulling up your socks.

Be careful before you sign any contract.

Friends will be helpful and will be by your side in times of distress.

Take care of your health.

Lucky stone: Rose quartz crystal

Lucky day: Wednesday

Lucky colour: Pink


Things may not go as planned so it might be prudent for you to educate yourself.

Opt for short courses; widen your circle of clients.

Those in the field of writing, astrology, astronomy, hospitality and teaching will excel.

Businessmen may need to have a chat with their partners and revise certain clauses by August.

Finances will be good.


If you're single, finding true love will be on your mind.

You are done with short-term meaningless relationships that eventually hurt you.

Rediscovering your interests and undertaking journeys will help you find that significant someone.

But you may have to wait for your Prince/Princess Charming till almost the end of the year so don't give up hope.



You will enter 2015 hoping for the best.

You will decide to think before you speak and be less blunt so as to reduce misunderstandings.

Make the most of what life has to offer you.

Travel will be on your agenda post-June.

Health will be good and you may want to go out of your way to be kind and charitable to the needy.

Lucky stone: Red coral

Lucky day: Monday

Lucky colour: Orange


2015 will be a good year for those of you in the media, designing, photography, writing, production, publishing.

Expect prestigious projects but also the task of handling a difficult team.

Those of you in hospitality, public relations, teaching, counselling, research and development and web designing or programming will do exceedingly well.

Businessmen will need to go slow and steady; but fear not, money will start coming in by September.


You will follow your heart this year and seek unconventional relationships.

However by May/June you will reach a sense of balance.

Expect cupid to strike at work.

Those of you who are committed may need to seek help.



You will start 2015 armed with plans and a strategy!

You will seek to make fewer mistakes and starting April will not chase material benefits.

Being popular is important to you and much change is indicated for around mid-year.

Travel will be on the cards and expect formalities like loans and licenses to come through.

Pay attention to your health -- especially those with stomach and back ailments.

Youngsters may find themselves at crossroads and will be unsure of where to head, career-wise.

Litigations, if any, will get postponed to October.

Lucky stone: Moonstone

Lucky day: Saturday

Lucky colour: Silver


You are naturally strategic and calculative but this year you will seek excellence in your business and will reach your goals around July/August.

If you are an employee though, expect a tough time from your bosses.

Pleasing them will be possible as long as you are focussed on what you do.

A family holiday may come up and you may end up spending lavishly.


If you are single, you may find yourself unsure of what you want -- commitment or a fling.

Those of you in a committed relationship be prepared for a long-distance arrangement and the pressures that come with it.



Massive changes in 2015 for the Aquarian!

Events and people will transform your personality.

You will appreciate life and make the most of it.

You will give your best, both professionally and personally this year, especially around April.

Some of you will desire a long holiday and be looking forward to a break.

Health remains good overall.

Expect turbulence in your family life. Seek solutions.

Lucky stone: Tiger eye

Lucky day: Thursday

Lucky colour: Gold


You may want to take up a new career or experiment with new ideas; this may cause discomfort.

Focus on results; don't get swayed by opinions.

By July you will learn to be a good listener and be open to feedback and criticism.

Investing in mutual funds and dividends will yield satisfactory results.

Those of you in business, public relations, managers, human resource, research and sales will have a good stint.


You haven't as yet made up your mind about what you truly desire in the romance department so love will elude you at least in the first half.

But those in a relationship may have a tough time meeting the demands of your partner.

Be prepared to think before you speak, wave goodbye to your ego and address tricky situations in order to resolve them amicably.



Competent, persistent and confident, you will make the best of every situation.

You need to think things through before you take any risks.

You are ready to learn a new craft or a new way of being as you will be more flexible in your outlook to life.

People will take to you and expect great times and fascinating conversations.

Health will be of paramount importance to you this year and you will focus on your fitness this year. Expect results by May/June.

Relatives and family members living overseas will be your house guests in the latter half of the year.

Lucky stone: Malachite

Lucky day: Wednesday

Lucky colour: Yellow


Your Midas Touch will not betray you and those of you running small business ventures and into sales, marketing and media will have a fabulous year.

Expect results to show around June.

Unexpected expenses may come up around April.

At work avoid politics and taking sides; be diplomatic.

Invest in property.


You are destined to find someone special quite by chance. So expect the unexpected here!

Those of you who are married or in a committed relationship will want to invest in a new holiday home and make time to do meaningful things for each other.

All good things in store for you!

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