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This article was first published 4 years ago  » Getahead » Should you buy, hold or sell these stocks now?

Should you buy, hold or sell these stocks now?

By Ajit Mishra
November 08, 2019 09:00 IST
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Ajit Mishra, Vice President, Research, Religare Broking, answers readers' queries on a weekly basis. 

Here are his replies to some of the 'buy, sell, hold or avoid?' emails that we have received.


If you want his advice on your investments, please mail your questions to with the subject line, 'Stock Market Query', along with your name, and Ajit Mishra will offer his unbiased views.

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Sunil: I am holding the following shares. Please advise…

Ajit Mishra: 

1. New India Assurance 137 @ Rs 263 -- Exit the stock on an up-move

2. Jubilant Industries 500 @ Rs 142 -- Hold

3. Kesoram 500 @ Rs 62.5 -- Exit

Gokul: Sir, I have Gujarat Gas @178.70. Should I Hold or quit?

Ajit Mishra: Hold for long-term.

Veda Murthi Hari: I am holding following shares: Please suggest whether to Hold or sell.

Ajit Mishra:

1. Arihant superstructure Limited - Exit

2. Canfin Homes - Hold

3. Cafe Coffee Day Enterprises Limited - Exit

4. Hindalco Industries - Hold

5. Sterling and Wilson Solar Limited - Exit

6. Petronet LNG - Hold

7. Motilal Oswal NASDAQ 100 ETF -- We do not track ETFs and mutual funds so can't comment.

Ashit Shah: Dear Sir, I am holding the following stocks since many years:

Can you please advise what should I do with these shares: whether to hold, buy or sell?

Ajit Mishra:

1. Shipping Corporation of India, 112 shares at Rs 133 per share since last 9 years -- Exit

2. Tata Steel Ltd, 221 shares at Rs 610 per share since last 9 years and has even purchased the rights share -- Hold for long term

3. Punjab & Sind Bank, 50 shares at Rs 114 per share since last 8 years -- Exit

Prashant Sanghvi: Can I buy Infosys at current rate?

Ajit Mishra: Wait for some clarity to emerge w.r.t ongoing corporate governance issues before fresh buying.

Feroz Khan: Dear Sir, I am holding the following stocks: Whether to Hold, average or Exit? Your valuable advice in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Ajit Mishra:

Coral Laboratory @ 191 -- Exit

Lincon Pahrma @ 215 -- Exit

Meghmani @77 -- Exit on bounce or recovery

Indsil Hydro@ 125 -- Exit

Bharat Bhushan Dua: Sir, I have 28 share of Polycab India Ltd. Today the rate is 824. PLEASE GUIDE Whether to Sell or Hold. Your early reply will be appreciated. Regards.

Ajit Mishra: The stock may correct in near term due to sharp run up. However, one can continue to hold for long-term.

Vijay Vanam: Good afternoon. Kindly advise me about holding the following stocks which I have been holding for the last 2 years.

Ajit Mishra:

1. Ashok Leyland @ 60 -- Hold

2. Bank of Maharashtra @ 13 -- Exit on rise

3. Sterlite Technlogies Ltd @ 125 -- Exit on rise

4. Cadila Healthcare @ 400 -- Hold

5. Mind Tree @ 750 -- Hold

6. IDBI Banl Ltd. @ 45 -- Sell

7. Engineers India Ltd @ 150 -- Exit on rise

8. Infosys @ 700 -- Hold

9. IOC @ 145 -- Hold

Liladhar Birla: Dear Sir, I am last year investor and hardly have four stocks in my demat account. Shall I hold or sell these stocks?

Also suggest multi-bagger stocks to purchase.

Ajit Mishra:

1. Tata Motors: Purchased at Rs 270 -- 20 shares -- Average at current levels but you will have to hold the stock for 3-4 years for healthy returns on the stock

2. Camlin Life Science Ltd: Purchase 60 shares@ Rs 60 per share -- Exit at current levels

3. NIACL: Purchased in IPO by allotment 125 shares@ 380/ share -- Exit the stock on rise

4. RCOM 90 SHARES@ Rs 53/share -- Exit

You can invest in large caps stocks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Britannia on dips as well as midcaps like Gujarat Gas, Marico, Subros, for healthy returns over long-term.

Nagaraj: Please advice about the stocks mentioned below:

Ajit Mishra:

1. Bank of Baroda 150 shares @ 169 -- Hold

2. Tata Motors 100 shares @ 282 -- Tata Motors will take time for revival. One will have to hold for 3-5 years

3. Karanataka Bank purchased 8 years ago -- Exit on rise

4. CEAT Ltd purchased 8 years ago -- Hold

Prasad Salelkar: Dear Sir, kindly advice on the long term (4-5 years) outlook of following scrips in my portfolio:

Ajit Mishra:

  • First Source Solutions : 4000 @ Rs 51.60 -- Exit
  • Ester Industries Ltd: 2000 nos @ Rs 49 -- Exit
  • Greenply Industries Ltd: 600 @ Rs 151 -- Hold
  • NCC Ltd: 2000 @ Rs 121.60 -- Hold

Jatinder Singh: Need your advice on these stocks:

Ajit Mishra:

J&K Bank 47 @39.41 -- Exit

Jindal Steel 20 @ 177.25 -- Its Q2 production numbers have been encouraging, hence Hold and wait for an up-move to exit the stock

Krishnakanth S: Dear Sir, I am holding the following stocks. What would you suggest? Please advise if I should hold or sell?

Ajit Mishra:

  • PTC INDIA FINANCIAL SERVICES: 1200@ 28.97 -- Exit
  • HINDUSTHAN OIL EXPLORATION: 20@ 134.13 -- Exit
  • ASHOK LEYLAND: 10@ 110.57 -- Hold for long term
  • ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL LIMITED: 52@ 134.35 -- Exit
  • HBL POWER SYSTEMS LTD: 50@ 33.38 -- Exit
  • INDIA CEMENTS: 115 @ 109.25 -- Hold
  • THE SOUTH INDIAN BANK LTD: 1556 @ 21.03 -- Exit on rise
  • POWER TRADING CORPORATION: 254@ 100.25 -- Exit
  • COCHIN SHIPYARD: 60@ 381.99 -- Exit
  • VEDANTA LIMITED: 25 @167.34 -- The stock offers good dividend yield. You may continue to Hold the stock but it may face volatility due to nature of its business (metals is a cyclical business)

Dilip B Gurnani: I have the following scrips in my portfolio:

Karnataka Bank, MBL Infra, NLC India, PFC, PTC India Financial Services, REC Ltd, Rolta, Sintex Plastics, Sundaram Multi Pap & Zicom Electronic Security Systems.

Kindly advice whether I should buy, hold or sell the above scrips?

Ajit Mishra: Hold REC and NLC India and exit all other stocks

Rakesh Bisht: Kindly help me decide what to do as far as 'buy, sell, hold or avoid' on the following stocks which I Hold in my portfolio:

Ajit Mishra:

Ashok Leyland 100 Hold
Axis Bank 25 Hold
ICICI Sec 28 Hold
C G Power 250 Exit
Tata Motors 25 Hold
South Indian bank 150 Exit
Motherson Sumi 20 Hold

Please note the view is for 2-3 years.

Prashant Singh: Please advise what should I do with the shares of South Indian Bank? Shall I buy more, hold or sell?

Ajit Mishra: Though its Q2 performance has improved, it's better to invest in known names like SBI, HDFC Bank. Exit the stock on rise.

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