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Why winter is the best season for office romance

Last updated on: November 06, 2017 09:50 IST

Did you know this surprising romantic fact about winter?


If you are one of those who have a work place romance blooming up, then we have some important news for you.

According to new research from Reboot Digital, colleagues are most likely to get romantic in the winter months, reports The Independent.

The scientists spoke to 2,017 professionals about their work-based love lives and discovered that colleagues are twice as likely to get together in the winter months.

About 66 per cent of people when asked about workplace romances, they said they would preferably begin during winters.

Office romances are more common than anyone would probably realise.

About 45 per cent of those questioned said they had dated a co-worker at some point in their lives.

But it can be hard maintaining office romances, when you are surrounded by so many people.

That is why 40 per cent of dating colleagues like to keep their relationship status on the down-low for as long as possible.

The survey found that 12 per cent of people had dated their boss and 20 per cent of office flings involved a married partner.

Meanwhile, 26 per cent of bosses surveyed said they'd prefer their employees not to date each other, and some offices have rules about declaring relationships that could impact your work life in any way.

Six per cent of those surveyed said they had lost their jobs due to making out with a co-worker, and a further nine per cent said they'd been driven to leave their job due to irreconcilable relations with coworkers.

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