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Why men and women masturbate

March 03, 2018 10:09 IST

In a new survey, respondents said their orgasms were better when masturbating than having sex.

Why men and women masturbate

A new UK-based survey aimed to explore the masturbation habits of men and women.

The survey was conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor among 1,000 people who revealed why and how they masturbate.

In the survey, 88 per cent women and 96 per cent men said they masturbate.

While women did it two days per week, for an approximate 13 minutes each time. Men did it four days a week, for 14 minutes each time.


Ninety per cent men and 60 per cent of women respondents said they use their hands to masturbate as against a toy.

Sixty seven per cent men and 38 per cent women. Majority women were likely to use fantasies or literature to excite themselves.

In the survey, 15 per cent even admitted to having done it at work.


Nearly 56 per cent women respondents and 19 per cent men said they experienced satisfaction and better orgasms when masturbating than having sex.

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