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Can men have multiple orgasms?

Source: ANI
November 01, 2017 11:15 IST
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Turns out, multiple orgasms aren't exclusive to women.


According to Stu Nugent, resident sex expert at Lelo, men too can have multiple orgasms by working the right kind of muscles, the Daily Star Online reported.

Nugent noted that there is only a small, lucky percentage of men who have very short refractory periods and are able to get an erection and ejaculate again within minutes of their first ejaculation.

For the majority of men to have a multiple orgasm, they need to exercise their pubococcyx muscles -- the pelvic floor muscles that are used to "hold in" your pee.

To strengthen these muscles, one needs to do kegel exercises, he suggested.

These exercises, coupled with being able to recognise "the point of no return" are the two key factors to male multiple orgasms.

Finding the pelvic floor muscles can be done through stopping urination midstream or tightening the muscles that prevent you from passing gas.

The main movement to do is to tighten your pelvic floor muscle, hold the contraction for three seconds and the release for three seconds.

It can be done relatively inconspicuously while sitting, standing or walking and needs to be done in three sets of 10 repetitions every day.

Stu added that the use of a sex toy can help maintain excitement after the first orgasm, but it can be helpful to focus on secondary erogenous zones immediately after the first orgasm.

He warned that being able to master a multiple orgasm is a skill that will take time and a lot of practice.

This is because it requires a "new way of thinking about your climax" and depends heavily on your sexual awareness, knowledge of your body and erogenous zones and the physical and mental mechanisms that trigger pleasure.

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Source: ANI