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Miss Universe: Who Did Divita Rai Lose To?

January 16, 2023 13:59 IST
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Let's get to know the young woman our Divita Rai lost out to -- the USA's R'Bonney Nola Gabriel, the new Miss Universe 2022?

First there's her intriguing name. Part Filipino-American, her father is is Remigio Bonzon or R Bon for short and she thus became R'Bonney. Her mom Dana is Texan and she was raised Texan too.

A believer in environmentally-friendly fashion, Gabriel's young and colourful life has been driven by dual interests --modelling and designing clothes.

Right from the age of 15, she found her love in constructing designs with fabrics and textiles, and has even worn some of her creations at the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

She has a bachelor's degree in fashion design from the University of North Texas, along with a minor's degree in fibres. She declares on Instagram: 'With fashion being one of the largest polluting industries in the world, I love to re-use old pieces to make something new and fabulous to cut down on waste'.

A sewing instructor for a fashion house and the CEO of her own sustainable clothing line called R'Bonney Nola, she is the first Filipino-American to win both her titles -- Miss USA and Miss Universe.

What would she want for women all over -- to feel inspired to conquer their goals by owning who they are.

IMAGE: 'My heart is over the moon,' says Miss Universe 2022. 'These past 15 days have changed my life.
'I carry this new title with the strength of all the incredible women I have come across this month. It is an honor to be here, and it is my mission to make the universe proud.'
Photograph: Jason Kempin/Getty Images


IMAGE: Holding some of America's finest blooms, looking as radiant as a million suns, R'Bonney takes her first walk as the new Miss Universe.
Photograph: Jason Kempin/Getty Images


IMAGE: She says she worked, tirelessly, non-stop, for the last three years to get her crown'. Super, R'Bonney!
'I first started to pursue this goal when I had a strong intuition telling me I needed to go for it. I'm so glad I listened, because this road has led me to a place where I feel fully aligned with myself and purpose to help impact others'.
Photograph: Jason Kempin/Getty Images


IMAGE: The self-designed swimsuit cape was inspired by the phoenix and his rising, the Greek mythological tale about a bird who time and time again reinvents/resurrects himself, which has coincidentally parallels with Christ's rising. 
Sustainably dyed a bright sienna shade and designed using plastic bottles, she transformed the cape to showcase how art can be made out of trash.
'It also embodies my favorite message of 'If not now, then when?'
She adds, 'Setbacks will always happen in life but we can choose whether to let them bring us down or use them as fuel to rise. 
'I've kept this in mind during my journey through pageantry.'.
Photograph: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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