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Awesome Journey To Abode Of The Clouds

November 23, 2023 13:01 IST
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In Meghalaya, every few steps you travel unveils a new wonder, a new story.

From waterfalls to caves and from spice markets to suspension bridges, this enchanted land offers an experience that is just like no other.

Come, be charmed by the Abode of the Clouds.

Hitesh Harisinghani/ presents a picturebook of his trip to the fascinating Northeast state. 

IMAGE: Sweet Falls in Shillong is termed the most beautiful and dangerous waterfall of this region. You can see why... All photographs Hitesh Harisinghani/


IMAGE: The Laitlum Canyons, located 24 km from Shillong, literally translates to mean 'End of the Hills'. The panoromic lush green landscape makes sunsets even more delightful.


IMAGE: A family takes a photo in tradional Khasi attire in Shillong. They make a lovely, unforgettable frame.


IMAGE: Did you think dustbins could be this pretty looking? These beautiful bamboo bins are a common sight across the very clean state.


IMAGE: Tourists pose at the magnificent Elephant Falls. It was named originally Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew or the three step waterfalls, as the waterfalls is in three steps. The British renamed it to Elephant Falls for the rock resembling a pachyderm next to the falls. The rock was destroyed in an earthquake in 1897.


IMAGE: Street-style grilled chicken is a tasty evening snack in Shillong.


IMAGE: Two varieties of spicy chillies redder than a Shillong sunset. And locally-grown yellow brinjals.


IMAGE: Meghalaya is home to thousands of beautiful, amazing caves. This is the entrance of the Mawsmai cave in Cherrapunji. Be ready to squeeze in, crawl across slippery and uneven floors and duck low overhangs around here. This can be your first foray into discovering if a career as a spelunker (cave explorer) is in your DNA :)


IMAGE: Not in my wildest dream did I think that I will have to walk 7,000 steps to and fro to reach the DOUBLE DECKER TREE BRIDGE! But these small joys of nature made the trek a little easier.


IMAGE: The difference between seeing these incredible double decker bridges in books and pics and being able to walk across them is vaaaaast!


IMAGE: A local pork thali has a variety of pork items served up with rice, salads and chutneys. It is as yum as it looks.


IMAGE: Little children walk home after school in Mawlynnong, the village chosen as Asia's cleanest village by Discover India magazine.


IMAGE: Fishing in the Dawki river. This river flows from India into Bangladesh and is usually very clean. Due to a sudden rainfall, it has turned brown.


IMAGE: Hello Bangladesh! Tourists on the left of the frame are from our neighbouring desh.


IMAGE: The mesmerising, calming Wah Kaba waterfalls in Cherrapunji.


IMAGE: I named this dude the King of Shongpdeng Suspension Bridge!

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