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SEE: He made a steering wheel to play games

By Anup Mittal
April 10, 2020 10:07 IST
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We had asked you, dear readers, to tell us how you're keeping your kids busy during the lockdown.
Rediff reader Anup Mittal from Bengaluru tells us how his 11 year old entertains himself.

How Arhaan Mittal made a steering wheel during lockdown

"My son Arhaan Anup Mittal (aged 11 years) is working on multiple projects since the lockdown started.

"Symbolically, the lockdown has been more mental than physical.

"Arhaan loves to 'make' (create) but like all children, he likes to play video games, outdoor sports and watch Dude Perfect.

"We have made a compulsory project time for him since the lockdown began and this is the second project in the last 10 days."

See how Arhaan created a steering wheel using a cardboard to play video games:


"The project had some advantages as well.

"He is excited about creating things he loves.

"He learnt to work with cardboard, cutter and hot glue like a pro.

"He taught himself to use iMOvie for editing and upload a video on YouTube.

"He is developing self-learning/self-engaging skills.

"We are happy to see him create and develop confidence.

"The only flip side is he spends more time on the laptop/mobile to search for the project he would like to do and see if he has all the resources at home."

Dear readers, tell us how are you keeping your kids busy at home?

Are you playing games, painting together or cooking?

Send us your most interesting photographs, ideas and videos on (subject: Keeping kids busy) along with your name, your kid's name/s, ages and location. We'll publish the best responses right here on

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Anup Mittal