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Gardening, drawing: How kids are staying busy

By Rediff Get Ahead
June 07, 2020 10:30 IST
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We had asked you, dear readers, to tell us how you're keeping your kids busy indoors during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Here are some interesting responses we received from you.

Kids and lockdown

'COVID-19 lockdown is has given us (parents) a golden opportunity to create interest towards nature in our 8 year old Aradhya Shristi,' say Aarti and Kranti from Jamshedpur.

'We are engaging her in our daily gardening activities. Making her feel that plants and trees play an important part of our life and world. 

'It is our duty to take care of them by watering, fertilizing and save them from insects.'

Kids and lockdown

'Children love to make a mess, but cleaning? Usually not so much.'

'And too often, the responsibility of tidying up falls on the mother or father. So, we have taken this lockdown as an opportunity to teach our child about cleaning, its benefits and positive impact.

'Aradhya is learning to clean her study table, books, toys, carrom board etc.'

Kids and lockdown

Uma Maheshwari from Mumbai tell us how their sons Pranav 5, and Lalith Sundar 10 spent the lockdown with their cousins Dhanesh, 12 and Lakshmi Priya, 14:

'They enjoyed spending their time drawing, making monuments, future buildings and their dream house using lego blocks.

Kids and lockdown

'They also created a news channel to prepare news for their channel every day.'

Dear readers, tell us how are you keeping your kids busy at home?

Are you playing games, painting together or cooking?

If they love to write, paint, sketch or craft you can send us their most interesting artworks.

Send us your photographs, ideas and videos on (subject: Keeping kids busy) along with your name, your kid's name/s, ages and location. We'll publish the best responses right here on

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