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Home Alone On New Year's Eve? Try This!

December 28, 2022 10:55 IST
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Alone in New Years Eve

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/

If you find yourself alone during the holiday season, in the run up to January 1 -- the family is far away and no significant other is around -- rather than feeling lonely or even sad, make that time even more special than you imagined by meticulously planning a few unique activities.

All by yourself.

We promise, you will feel happy and fulfilled.

Put On That Apron...

And bake your most preferred treats or rustle up a delectable meal for yourself.

Don't worry if you have never donned a chef hat before. The Internet is your friend and there are plenty of easy and no-hassle recipes out there.

Draw up a three-course menu as elaborate as a five-star restaurant, with a cocktail, and serve it well too, on good china, starchy cloth napkins in fan shapes and all.

Feel proud of what you have accomplished. Share your kitchen successes with a neighbour and maybe make a new friend.


Take A Bath!

A hot bath, when it's brrrr outside, is an inviting pastime. More than you realise.

Water sluicing down the back cleanses our bodies and minds from the stress we are carrying.

Indulge in a long, long shower to soothe your senses.

Use plenty of fragrances, types of shower gels and essential oils to amp up the therapeutic effects.

Post the clean up, have a selfie session in a fetching costume.


Have A Read-a-thon

Not read War and Peace or Les Misérables? Now's the time!

Okay we are kidding. But these quiet last few days of 2022 are ideal for a reading marathon.


Get Creative

When everything fails, summon your creative side to combat boredom. Resort to the company of craft supplies and create something fun/artistic. Again the Internet is out there for assistance.

Else get inventive with the supplies you have on hand.

Churn out party hats, coasters, paperweights, scrapbooks and what have you.


There's Always Binge Watching...

Get started on a new series that has xyz zillion episodes.

Once you get fully immersed you won't even have time to eat. So organise beforehand some delicious snacks, grab a cosy blanket and settle in for hours of couch potato-ing.

Do a group watch or a watch party and begin a mini series with a bunch of pals.


Reflect! Yup!

As dull as that might sound, it can be both useful and pretty fun.

So utilise your me-time by thinking about the goals you want to accomplish for yourself in near future. You might review the past year and envision the way ahead.

To form an action plan, write down your thoughts in a journal or create a vision board.

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