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This article was first published 6 years ago  » Getahead » Your office is making you mentally weak

Your office is making you mentally weak

By Bhagwat Rajput
March 15, 2018 09:45 IST
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Around 46 per cent of the workforce in organisations across India suffer from some or the other form of stress, according to the latest data.

Dr Bhagwat Rajput's insight on how this can be managed.

Office stress

Representational photograph: Dadang Tri/Reuters

The root cause of mental health issues in adults is their workplace environment.

Around 46 per cent of the workforce in organisations across India suffer from some or the other form of stress, according to the latest data.

The toxic workplace would affect family life indirectly and hamper the structure of society.


Common mental ailments at the workplace

A stressed employee would witness a sudden drop in interest and stop attending the office.

Poor health causes increased level of stress, burnouts, rashes, intense headaches and disturbed bodily mechanism.

High levels of stress reduce immunity significantly.

It also affects work productivity by significantly reducing output.

It will decrease concentration and that can lead to mistakes in work.

It has often been noted that an optimistic and happy employee seldom falls sick.

Decreased levels of concentration and anxiety can also lead to accidents as carelessness on the road becomes common.

Employees also might clash with the management due to increased irritability and anxiety.

Common effects of stress 

You may witness sudden fits of anger or total inactivity.

Stress can also induce high-functioning depression.

Being able to recognise common stress symptoms can give help you in managing them.

Stress if left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. It can also result in chest congestion. Stress can also affect the digestive tract of the body causing constant irritability. 

According to a study by Optum, a top provider of employee assistance programmes to corporates, 43 per cent of the workforce has skewed BMI (body mass index), of which 30 per cent were with diabetic risks, 30 per cent were with hypertension risk.

This number is about 30 per cent higher than 2014 with a sample size of 30,000.

How to help a stressed employee

Mental health issues have always been overshadowed by the statement 'You need to stop worrying so much'.

For someone who is suffering from high anxiety, words alone will not suffice. If these ailments go untreated it can multiply into further complications like bipolar disorder or depression.

Occupational health services, which work closely with employees and management regarding all aspects of mental and physical health of employees, will help.

Exploring stress management strategies also will help. Regular physical activities, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, etc,  a sense of humor, socialising with family and friends, setting aside time for hobbies, etc, will help reduce stress.

Bhagwat Rajput is a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Venkateshwar Hospital 

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Bhagwat Rajput
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