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Will purple lips suit you?

March 02, 2017 11:31 IST
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Purple, red or pink -- pick one that best suits your skin tone and colour.

IMAGE: If you have a skin tone like Aishwarya's, you too can flaunt purple lips.
Photograph: Ian Gavan / Staff Getty Images

One of the toughest decisions to make for most ladies out there is choosing the right shade of lipstick -- one that goes with their skin.

There are a few fundamental rules involved as far as choosing the right colour of lipstick goes.

The shade of lipstick you buy can vary in its final outcome, in comparison to the look provided to a model who promoted it or your friend who tried it the other day.

The most important reason is the colour of your lips and your skin tone. 

The 3-step rule

It is overwhelming to choose the right shade from the huge display. Follow these three easy steps:

  • Determine whether you have warm, neutral or cool skin tone
  • Understand your lip colour
  • Try the lipstick before you buy it

Other rules include checking your skin’s reaction to the sun and most importantly following the experts. 

Understanding your skin tone

Your skin tone has a lot to contribute as far as choosing the right shade of lipstick is concerned.

Skin tones are largely classified under three heads, namely, warm skin tones, neutral skin tones and cool skin tones.

One of the quick and easy ways to determine your underlying skin tone is by looking at the veins of your wrist. 

  • If they appear to be greenish, you are most likely to have a warmer skin tone. 
  • If the veins look more blue, you have a cooler undertone. 
  • If your veins look somewhat both green and blue, you are truly blessed as the owner of a neutral skin tone.

In case this is too much inspection to carry out, just hold a piece of gold jewellery and a piece of silver jewellery to either side of your face.

If the gold jewellery suits you better, you have a warmer skin tone, which means warm lip colours like reds, oranges and browns will suit you better. 

If silver suits you, then go for lighter and colder tones like pinks, nudes, etc. 

Understand your lip colour

How your lipstick's colour finally turns out, also depends hugely on the colour of your lip.

It is important for you to judge it correctly and always find a lipstick that is two shades darker than your lip colour. This allows the lipstick to camouflage the natural colour of your lip and also stand out.

Try it before you buy it

A lot of women try the lip shade on their hand before buying it. This is absolutely wrong.

Always try the lipstick on your lips, without any other makeup on your face and in complete light to judge the most efficient end results. 

Visiting a dermatologist will allow you to determine your skin tone better. The expert will provide you with effective skin care regimen that will not only save you from furious tanning, skin and lip darkening and other such issues, but will also help secure and maintain its natural beauty.

Buy the lipstick you want but make sure you look beautiful in it.

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