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6 partner stretches to make fitness fun

By Brinda Sapat
February 10, 2016 13:31 IST

Team up to get in shape and to strengthen your bond!

Feel your body go into really deep stretches, as you help your partner do the same.

Assisted stretches take the load off you, allowing you to increase the range of the stretch making you feel oh so good!

1. Back Stretch

Partner stretches to get in shape: Back stretch

Stand facing each other and hold hands. Begin to step away from each other, rounding your back till you can't step back any further.

Pull hands to feel the stretch.

Please note that you back has to be rounded and not flat by bending at the hips.

Hold for 30 seconds, moving further away as you ease into the stretch.

2. Chest Stretch

Partner stretches to get in shape: Chest stretch

Stand back-to-back, holding hands. Step forward, moving away from each other.

Raise your arms out to the sides and pull away by pulling each other's hands and feel the stretch in your chest.

Hold for 30 seconds, moving further away as you ease into the stretch.

3. Waist Stretch

Partner stretches to get in shape: Waist stretch

Stand facing each other holding hands. Slightly move away from each other and turn so that both of you are standing side-by-side facing the same side.

One of your arms will go over your heads but should stay above the ears. Now pull further away from each other so that you feel a stretch on the side of your waist.

Turn to stretch the other side.

Hold each side for 30 seconds.

4. Hamstring Stretch

Partner stretches to get in shape: Hamstring stretch

One partner lies face up on a mat, with the left knee bent, foot on the floor; and the right leg extended straight up towards the ceiling.

The standing partner should hold the extended right leg and gently push it to increase the stretch.

Hold this for a count of 10.

Next, the lying down partner must push the right leg, against the standing partners' hand for five seconds.

Release the force and then allow your standing partner to push your leg forward again, back into the stretch. This time you will notice you can go deeper into the stretch.

Hold for 20 seconds.

Repeat with the other leg; and then switch position with partner.

5. Arm and Shoulder Stretch

Arm and shoulder stretch

Stand in front of your partner and link your hands behind your back.

Your partner raises your arms up as high as they will go without you bending over forward. The chest should stay open.

Hold for 10 seconds and then gently raise them higher, holding for 20 seconds.

Then switch position with partner.

6. Seated Inner thigh Stretch

Seated inner thigh stretch

Sit on the floor facing each other with both of you stretching your legs out as wide as possible. Hold hands.

Let your partner pull your hands forward; bringing your upper body forward and downward. Feel the inner thighs open up.

Hold for 10 seconds then gently pull further and hold for another 20.

Now your turn to pull your partner’s hands.

Illustrations: Dominic Xavier/

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