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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Getahead » Laid off? 8 things to do for your mental and physical well-being!

Laid off? 8 things to do for your mental and physical well-being!

By Rediff Get Ahead
January 13, 2015 18:02 IST
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Dhruv Gupta, Fitness Expert and Founder of weight loss programme, tells you just how!

1. Go for a run

Running has shown to improve mental performance and it makes you happy because it releases hormones that elevate your mood.

It is also the one workout that doesn't cost you any money!

2. Lose some weight

Admittedly there are few other things that boost your self confidence than losing a few kilos.

Now that you have the time for yourself, invest it in yourself.

You don't have to go to the gym to lose weight.

You don't have to join a yoga class or spend money to get into shape.

(These 10 workouts can be done at home!

Don't also miss this 15-minute belly-blasting workout)

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Labour Research, those people who exercise regularly earn more than their lazier counterparts.

Do you need any more reasons to start sweating it out?

We didn't think so! :-)

3. Set a personal fitness goal

The only way to stay motivated at a time like this is to give yourself something to work towards.

It is easy to lose interest after the first few weeks or indeed the first few days.

So set a personal fitness goal -- it could be something as simple as losing a certain amount of weight or inches around your waist.

Else it could be something more substantial -- like being able to run or cycle a certain distance under x minutes/hours.

4. Sleep for eight hours

A good night's sleep can work wonders for your health.

It helps you concentrate better.

It helps elevate your mood.

It helps you make informed decisions.

It helps improve your memory (not to mention your overall health).

Seems like a list of things you could do with right about now, isn't it?

So get your eight hours of sleep; you don't have any excuses not to.

5. Control your alcohol intake

Alcohol contributes to mood swings, makes your hormonal levels go for a toss and makes you gain weight.

Sure it gives you a temporary high but is it what you really want?

Alcohol won't help you in any shape or form.

But you knew that already, didn't you?

6. Stay off sweets and junk food

When we consume sugar and fat, they release dopamine in the body.

Dopamine makes us feel happy.

But when the blood sugar crashes, so do the dopamine levels.

This leads to an emotional low.

At a time when it is important to be emotionally stable, sweets and junk food should not even be in your diet.

7. Meditate

Research has shown that meditation increases positive emotions, life satisfaction and boosts your immune functions.

It also helps improve memory and attention and boosts critical thinking ability.

People who meditate are in better control of themselves and their emotions.

It also decreases anxiety, stress and depression.

Seems like a good way to deal with your current situation, wouldn't you agree?

8. Share your fitness updates socially

People want to be in touch with happy and healthy people.

When you share it motivates people.

But more importantly putting your achievements down in black and white also act as a great motivator for you too.

At a time like this, a retweet here and 'like' there can work wonders for your self esteem!

So go ahead don't hesitate to share your fitness achievements.

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