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How to get flat abs

January 13, 2016 15:47 IST
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Try these simple exercises to get rid of that flab and get a toned belly.

How to get a flat belly

A flat, toned stomach not only makes you look fit and good, but is essential to support your pelvis and back and help maintain a good posture.

Here are some easy yet highly effective exercises to flatten your tummy.

Bicycle crunch

Bicycle crunch

Illustration: Utam Ghosh/

Lie down with your back on the floor. Place your hands behind your head and if you want, you may interlock your fingers.

Keep your feet together on the ground.

Keeping your left leg straight, bring your right knee towards your chest.

Lift your head up and touch your left elbow to the right knee.

At the same time, lift your left leg a few inches off the ground in a motion similar to what you would make while pedalling a cycle.

Now touch your right elbow to the left knee. This is one bicycle crunch. You can continue for a few more rounds before you release the posture and relax.



Illustration: Utam Ghosh/

Lie down with your face facing the floor.

Keep your hands in front of your shoulders and lift the upper portion of your body up.

Gradually raise your things and legs as well till only your palms and toes are on the ground. The rest of the body is in the air.

Hold the posture for a couple of minutes before you release it slowly. Repeat three more times.

Boat pose

Boat pose


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shameem Akhtar 

Sit on the floor.

Bend your knees and slowly lean backwards.

Straighten your legs and slow lift them upwards.

Your legs should be in a 45 degree angle and your hands straight in front with the palms facing each other.

Hold the pose for a few minutes and then relax.

Repeat this exercise thrice.

Scale pose

Scale pose

Photograph: Tolassana/Creative Commons

Sit on the floor with spine erect.

Keep your legs crossed.

Keep your hands close to your hips with palms facing downwards.

Tighten your body and gradually raise the entire body up.

Hold the posture in the air for a couple of breaths and then slowly bring your body down on the ground. Repeat three times.

Ab pulse ups

Ab pulse ups

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shameem Akhtar 

Lie straight on the ground with your back to the floor.

Place your hands underneath your buttocks. Slowly lift the legs to form a 90 degree angle.

Your legs should be straight and not bending at the knees.

Now, lift your butt a little with your hands and hold the posture for a few seconds.

Slowly bring your butt back to the ground and bring your legs down gradually. Repeat this exercise at least ten times.

Reverse crunches

Reverse crunches

Photograph: Kind courtesy

Lie on your back on the floor and gradually bend your knees.

Your hands should be straight by the side of your body, palms facing down.

Now slowly lift your legs (only from the knees to the toe). Hold the position for few minutes before returning to the original posture.

Repeat at least ten times.

You can easily do these exercises at home.

These are some of the best known exercises to get rid of the excess pounds from your tummy and build core strength.

Lead image used for representational purposes only. Image: Rediff Archives

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