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Get a fab bod like Wolverine

By Brinda Sapat
Last updated on: July 09, 2015 17:14 IST
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Guys! Add a mean masculine spin to your workouts, burn fat and build lean muscle with this exercise routine.

Photograph: Hugh Jackman/Instagram

High intensity interval training combines the best of cardio and resistance training. The best part is its short duration that allows you to easily pack it in to your day.

The workout includes eight exercises. Each exercise must be repeated four times for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break; so one exercise cycle will take a total of two minutes. Then move on to the next exercise.

Note: Please consult your doctor before beginning this workout. Stop if you feel any pain, breathlessness, dizziness or any other discomfort.

You will need:

  • A pull up bar
  • A high step
  • A clock with a seconds-hand
  • A carpeted, wooden, grass or sand surface to workout on
  • Surface appropriate training shoes
  • Music you enjoy
  • Bottle of water

Begin with a 5 minute warm up of jogging, climbing stairs, jumping jacks; etc.

1. Burpees

Start standing, with your arms stretched out overhead.

Lower your body by bending at the hips and knees and go into a squat. Place your hands on the floor in front of you and thrust both legs out into a plank position. Caution here that your back doesn't arch downwards. Keep the abdominals held tight.

Jump both feet back in, get your hand off the floor and come up to standing with your arms overhead.

2. Lateral jumps

In standing position with feet together, jump to the right, then to the left. Keep alternating sides. Jump high and far out to the side, lowering your body as you hit the floor.

3. Mountain climbers

Get into a plank position. Maintain a straight line from head to shoulder to hip to feet. The back should not arch, nor should the hip rise up. Bring your right knee in towards your chest then extend it back again. Next bring the left knee in. Keep alternating legs going as fast as you can while maintaining the proper hip position.

4. High jumps

Jump up and down a high step. Both feet in one go. Be careful not to lock your knees.

5. Push ups

Get into plank position. Place your arms wide apart. Lower your chest towards the floor. Do not allow the hip to sag down and touch the floor. Push yourself back up.

6. Power squats

Stand with your feet a little more than hip distance apart. Let your arms hand either sides at the hips. Now lower your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Ensure your knees stay in line with the ankles and don't come forwards. Push the hips back as you go down. Imagine you have to sit in a chair placed way behind you. Now jump up as high as you can swinging your arms up and go back into the next squat.

7. Pull ups

Grab hold of the pull up bar with your palms facing away from you. Pull yourself as high up as you can with the bar going behind your head. Slowly lower by extending your arms but do not touch the floor. Go for the next rep.

8. Boat pose with Russian twist

Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Keep your knees bent and fete on the floor. Recline back till your middle back is on the floor. Your back should be rounded and not flat. Extend the legs up at about 30 degrees. Hold your hands together at tummy level with elbows bent. Twist side to side trying to reach the elbows to the floor.

Should you feel any strain in the back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor; stop twisting and just hold the boat pose.

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Brinda Sapat