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Can dieting help fight obesity?

Last updated on: September 10, 2018 10:59 IST

A common misconception is that dieting helps you reduce weight, says bariatric surgeon Dr Venugopal Pareek.
We start starving our bodies for the sake of dieting and starving poses other health complications instead of helping you lose weight.

Smart tips to fight obesity

Photograph*: Kind courtesy JewelZ/Instagram

Obesity is one of the fastest growing global disease.

Like depression and AIDS, it is considered a social stigma.

Obese people are looked down upon, considered incapable of performing any task due to their excess weight.

Apart from coping with the physical condition, the stigma attached to the disease nudges them to face failure and rejection too.

Incidences of suicide are also very common among obese people due to poor self image.

In terms of health complications, it is the single cause of 53 associated diseases including diabetes, high BP, heart attacks, brain strokes, blindness, kidney failures and nerve damages with amputations.

Fighting obesity

Treatment of every condition lies in its prevention.

In order to fight obesity, weight gain in childhood should not be ignored.

Parents should be cautious not to overfeed their children, for the sake of keeping them healthy.

Evidence based medical practice, obesity camps and lectures should be encouraged to bring about awareness not only in urban areas but in rural areas too.

Exercise isn't always healthy

People who are inactive are more likely to gain weight. It is essential to burn calories you intake through unhealthy eating and overeating.

It may not be possible for all of us to go to the gym every morning and spend hours doing strenous exercises.

Moreover exercise may not be recommended for all.

Instead of rigorous exercise patterns one can take up and pursue a favourite sport or outdoor activity.

You can choose to play cricket, tennis, pursue dancing, swimming or any activity which burns calories but doesn't involve adequate stress.

Dieting doesn't help reduce weight

Another common misconception is that dieting helps you reduce weight.

We start starving our bodies for the sake of dieting and starving poses other health complications instead of helping you lose weight.

If you are following a diet plan, remember to keep it low in carbs and eat whenever you feel hungry.

Ensure you don't pick junk or fast food. Instead, have a real food item.

Women should avoid fruits while men should avoid beer when they want to lose weight.

Artificial sweeteners should be avoided.

It is important to have profound sleep and less stress.

Quantity of dairy products and nuts should be reduced.

With the help of a medical expert, you can intake vitamin and mineral supplements.

The key is to exercise smart. Do not put strain on your body for  the sake of reducing weight.

If you can’t control your craving, drink a glass of water before every meal.

Water will fill you up and your chances of overeating will drastically reduce.

Cut down unhealthy fat

As bread is an integral part of Indian diet, you can start by avoiding chapattis and switch to a lighter bread.

This way you can cut down up to 100 calories.

If you tend to eat out, replace with home cooked food.

Include green vegetables in your diet.

By following these simple tips you can steadily control your calorie count.

The focus should be on the long-term goals of healthy eating and achieving weight loss instead of hurting your body.

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Dr. Venugopal Pareek