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Quiz: Are you Bridelicious?

Last updated on: October 01, 2015 18:23 IST

In her new book The Bridal Diet, dietician Nisha Grover tells you everything about how to get the perfect body.

Are you bridelicious?Following a diet plan is perhaps the strictest thing to do. It requires discipline, patience and sacrifice.

And if you're looking forward to getting in shape for your wedding, it is important that you take expert help.

Delhi-based dietician Nisha Grover's latest book The Bridal Diet (inset below) attempts to guide you to look your best on your D-day.

It features diet plans, workout regimes, recipes and strategies to avoid temptation.

We bring you an excerpt from the book which will help you know your body better. Read on

I never go out unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want to see the girl next door, go next door' -- Joan Crawford

I always stress that you have to know where you stand before starting anything new.

There is no point in diving headlong into any diet or nutrition programme before understanding your body type, your body's needs, your level of health and fitness, and what drives or motivates you.

Otherwise, you'll just be going through the motions without knowledge or more dangerously -- with little knowledge.

But this is where I can help you get some clarity.

Like I always say, there's nothing you can't change.

And there's nothing like a little bit of change to motivate you.

So let's get started.

Answer these questions honestly and see where you stand and what you have to change to be bridelicious in no time.

1. What is the first thing you drink in the morning?

a. Herbal tea

b. Water

c. Coffee

2. Your breakfast is . . .

a. A sandwich from the office cafeteria

b. Eggs, bread, fruit, juice, the works. I love breakfast!

c. Who has time for breakfast?!

3. You need to pop by the market to buy a few things. It's about a kilometre away, you. . .

a. Walk to an auto to take you there

b. Walk, of course

c. Drive

4. How many times a week do you exercise?

a. Whenever I can find the time

b. Five

c. Never

5. What is your BMI (Body Mass Index)* ?

a. Under 18.5

b. 18.5 to 24.9

c. Over 25

* Divide your body weight by your height squared. Then you times that by 703. BMI = Weight (lb) / (Height [in] x Height [in]) x 703.

Your BMI is quite an accurate measurement to understand if you are overweight or not.

6. Do you smoke?

a. On occasion

b. Never

c. Yes

7. What do you usually do in the evening?

a. Spend time with friends and family

b. Go out to play or walk the dog

c. Surf the Internet, go to the movies

8. How many hours of sleep do you get at night?

a. 8 or more

b. Around 6

c. 4 or less

9. What time do you have dinner?

a. 9-ish

b. 7.30 to 8

c. Ummm. 11?

10. If you're not doing any exercise, which of these best describes why?

a. I'm too tired

b. I don't have time

c. It's hard work

11. What do you feel like after you climb a flight of stairs?

a. Out of breath

b. Generally okay

c. Sorry. I take the elevator. Always.

12. How much water do you drink daily?

a. I drink whenever I'm thirsty

b. 3 litres

c. A glass or so. I don't keep count.

13. What kind of carbs are you eating?

a. A mix of whole wheat and simple carbs

b. Only complex carbs

c. Don't understand the difference

14. What are your thoughts about dairy?

a. I drink a glass of milk a day

b. I eat raita or plain curd with lunch and dinner

c. Cheese is one of my favourite foods

15. How do you go grocery shopping?

a. I go out and fetch supplies when I need them

b. I make a list and shop every Sunday

c. Grocery shopping is not really my thing. I order my groceries when I need them online or have them delivered.

Book cover: The Bridal Diet by Nisha GroverThe Verdict

Mostly As 

You're almost there but not quite. You're walking a fine line between being fit and unhealthy. But fear not. All is not lost!

What you need is a slight push in the right direction and soon you'll be a glowing bride. Start with simple and healthy recipes and include a steady exercise programme into your daily routine.

You need to work on your muscle strength. Try doing exercises that use your body weight for resistance.

Adults should do at least 150 minutes moderate or 75 minutes vigorous physical activity a week. Consider building activities into your daily routine, like walking more or cycling to get around.

Mostly Bs

You go, girl! You know what your body requires and already have a healthy and fit lifestyle.

You can definitely benefit from oil-free cooking. Some people find my early dinner rule rigid and difficult but it shouldn't be too difficult for you since you already eat quite early.

Mostly Cs

Based on your responses today you're not very active and struggling with motivation. You need to start with baby steps.

You'll soon gain in confidence and feel better. But you need to start now.

Your lifestyle is a product of our modern times and I understand that it can be very difficult to break free from things that your friends may be doing or from trends.

However, that said, your health and life is your own and you'll have no one else to blame later when the first problems start cropping up. But the beautiful thing about the human body is that it forgives, heals and adapts quickly.

It's very important that you start being more active to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 1 diabetes.

Try out lots of different activities to find something you can enjoy on a regular basis.

Evidence shows that even shorter sessions of moderate to vigorous physical activity can be good for your health.

Ten minutes or more is a great starting point if you're struggling with time or motivation.

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