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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Getahead » Watch out! These are India's most dangerous celebrities

Watch out! These are India's most dangerous celebrities

October 13, 2016 14:49 IST
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This list reveals McAfee's Most Sensational Celebrities in Bollywood.  

How often have you searched for your favourite Bollywood celeb online (maybe tried to view/download their latest movie/trailers/songs/videos) and clicked on the link available, only to realise that you have exposed your computer to an unsafe site?

Does it happen often? 

The tenth global edition of the study titled McAfee Most Sensational Celebrities 2016 by Intel Security reveals the Top 10 Bollywood celebrities with the highest risk percentages (online).

Some of the celebs featuring on the list include Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, among others. 

Scroll down to find out which Indian celebs made it to the top 10.

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10. Alia Bhatt 

Alia Bhatt

IMAGE: Riding high on the success of Udta Punjab, Alia Bhatt takes the tenth spot on the list. The actor has become quite an Internet sensation with her Instagram pics. Presently she has 9.6 million followers on the social media photo sharing site. Way to go girl!  

What are people searching: 1. Her TV shows and awards function appearances. 
2. Scenes and songs from Udta Punjab, especially her singing Ikk Kudi.

The risk: 7 per cent*

Photograph: Kind Courtesy Alia Bhatt/Twitter

9. Saif Ali Khan 

Saif Ali Khan

IMAGE: The stylish and sensational Saif Ali Khan has been in the news ever since it has been announced that his wife Kareena Kapoor is pregnant. The 46 yr-old actor also scooped up the GQ Most Stylish Award this year. 

What are people searching: 1. His latest projects, couple pictures, birthday bash, previous movies, etc. 

The risk: 7.11 per cent*

Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

8. Bipasha Basu 

Bipasha Basu

IMAGE: On the eighth spot is Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu, who tied the knot earlier this year. She has given fans enough and more reasons to keep searching her online with her wedding. We're sure her fans went crazy watching her sangeet, wedding and honeymoon pics online. 

What are people searching: 1. Her leaked wedding videos, honeymoon pictures, fitness tips

The risk: 7.22 per cent*

Photograph: Kind Courtesy Bipasha Basu/Instagram

7. Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra 

Priyanka and Shahid Kapoor

IMAGE: Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor tied for the No 4 position. It's been a huge decline for Priyanka who was No 1 in this list in 2015. 

As for Shahid, his fans still can't get over his performance in Udta Punjab. We're sure they are still not fed up of hearing the song Ikk Kudi on a loop. The actor also became a father recently and has charmed his fans with adorable pics of his daughter. 

Both Priyanka and Shahid are among India's most-followed actors on Instagram. 

What are people searching: For Priyanka, the three reasons we can think of are: 
1. Interviews 2. Her presence at Oscar Awards Function 2016 3. Quantico (TV series)

For Shahid, it's scenes and songs from Udta Punjab, couple pictures, pictures of his newborn. 

The risk: 7.56 per cent*

Photographs: Jason Meritt/Getty Images, left, and Hitesh Harisinghani/

6. Kriti Sanon 

Kriti Sanon

IMAGE: Watching Kriti dance to the beats of Beat Pe Booty online was such a visual treat. Her Instagram pics are sure to win your heart. Psssst...did you know she has 4.3 million followers on Instagram. Yes! Kriti is quite a rage online thanks to her stunning videos and photos. 

What are people searching: 1. Her performances at awards functions. 
2. Her Beat Pe Booty challenge on YouTube. 

The risk: 7.67 per cent*

Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

5. Shraddha Kapoor 

Shraddha Kapoor

IMAGE: In 2015, Shraddha Kapoor was No 2 on this list. She has slid to No 5 this year. She seems to have become an unpopular choice with hackers. Good thing no? 

What are people searching: 1. Her scenes and songs from Baaghi, her next project Rock On 2

The risk: 8.11 per cent* 

Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

4. Tiger Shroff and Arjun Kapoor 

Tiger Shroff and Arjun Kapoor

IMAGE: Young guns Tiger Shroff and Arjun Kapoor are tied at No 4. This year, Tiger Shroff also won the GQ Youth Icon Award. Meanwhile Arjun Kapoor is popular among the GenY for his bindaas attitude.

What are people searching: Tiger's movies including Baaghi and A Flying Jatt and his live stunts' training have made him sensational online. 

As for Arjun Kapoor, it is Ki & Ka all the way. 

The risk: 8.44 per cent* 

Photograph: Kind Courtesy Tiger Shroff/Instagram, and Arjun Kapoor/Instagram

3. Kareena Kapoor 

Kareena Kapoor

IMAGE: The fan obsession with Kareena Kapoor continues! From being No 10 in this list in 2015, she has risen to the No 3 slot. Kareena has been in the news with fans curious to know about her pregnancy, the baby bump getting bigger and (of course) her stylish maternity wear. 

What are people searching: 1. Kareena's pregnancy 
2. Kareena on the runway at the Sabyasachi show, proudly flaunting her baby bump, at Lakme Fashion Week 2016. 

The risk: 8.67 per cent*

Photograph: Hitesh Harsinghani/

2. Farhan Akhtar 

Farhan Akhtar

IMAGE: Farhan Akhtar occupies the No 2 slot. He seems to have rekindled the Rock On craze among his fans. The actor surely seems to have garnered plenty of attention online with the news of his forthcoming film Rock On 2.  Oh! And then who can miss the buzz created earlier in the year, when Farhan and Adhuna decided to go separate ways after being married for 15 years!

What are people searching: 1. Rock On 2 teaser
2. Fans have also kept themselves busy revisiting songs and scenes of the popular prequel, Rock On. 3. Farhan-Adhuna split

The risk: 9.56 per cent*

Photograph: Pradeep Bandekar

1. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

IMAGE: And the winner is...Sonakshi Sinha. Take a bow Sonakshi Sinha! The Dabangg actor has managed to beat Priyanka Chopra, who topped the list last year. Her Instagram pics reflect her vivacious personality and that's one of the reasons why she is such a star online. Stunning, sexy and sensational. 

What are people searching: 1. Rajj Rajj Ke from Akira
Then there's Badaal from the same movie.
3. Her movie trailer of Akira and the Noor Flash video.  

The risk: 11.11 per cent*

Photograph: Kind Courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram

*Indicates the risk of searching for the celeb on the Internet and connecting to a malicious website.

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