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Welcome to the future!

September 28, 2014 09:00 IST
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The future according to Manish Arora looks bright and cheerful :-)

Manish Arora's collection at the Paris Fashion Week presented his sci-fi vision of the future.

The designer sought inspiration from the goddess Kali even as his pieces featured prints of other Indian deities.

Arora's line also included stunning evening gowns as well as beautifully embroidered palazzo pants such as this one on the right.

Don't complain when someone isn't looking into your eyes when you sport this one.

Fanny pack and a camel toe? Gasp!

How about a rather expensive designer cap to go with your… erm... dupatta?

Or one to go with your evening gown perhaps? :-)

Fanny packs may not exactly be your idea of a high street designer label. But Arora couldn't care less!

As you can see, he has an 'eye' for the unusual

And here he is opting to go all black! :-)

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