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Not an easy job this!

By Rajesh Karkera
Last updated on: February 05, 2017 17:52 IST
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Mitali Rannorey

The calm and composed look in model Mitali Rannorey's eyes do not show you anything that's happening around her just a few metres away.

Mitali Rannorey

It is madness backstage -- there is pure chaos just behind beauty you see on the glamorous runway.

Models are rushing to get their makeup and hair done, ramp co-ordinators yelling to get them to take their positions...all this in just a matter of seconds.

Aishwarya Singh

Sometimes, the payal gets stuck in the footwear, like in this picture, just before model Aishwarya Singh has to sashay down the runway.

Shaderska Valdez

Sometimes, you have just a few seconds to put on that last dab of make-up. Here, Dominican Republic model Shaderska Valdez lets an artist finish her job.

lakme fashion week 2016

This model decided that scooting's the quickest way to reach the practice session even as her name is being called! 

Even a small break seems too much of a luxury.

Alicia raut backstage

The only time the models seem a little relaxed backstage is in the hair and make-up rooms where they are pampered silly by the make-up artists.

Backstage at lakme

Check this out! Ironing clothes happens with the models wearing them!

Sanea Sheikh

Model Sanea Shaikh makes backstage fun for her colleagues with some smart dance moves!

Alicia raut backstage

Model Alesia Raut rushes to change into her next outfit, pronto!

Walking once on the ramp ain't the end of the models' ordeal. 

Aishwarya Susmita

Aishwarya has to bend down quite uncomfortably to get her eye make-up in place.

Not good for her back at all...

Pallavi Singh

Model Pallavi Singh needed some clean up.

Aishwarya Susmita

After her touchup, Aishwarya has to pose in a designated area for a well known media company and then go stand in queue for her ramp time.

Janvi Deora

Some accessories are quite uncomfortable to wear. That too just moments before the show commences.

Model Janvi Deori is in one such predicament before fashion designer Nupur Khanoi showcases her latest collection.


Once the ironing is done starts the long wait.

Model Veronica decides to put her time to good use here as she keenly watches what other models are wearing.

Reha Sukheja

Donald, from California, gives the final touches to the Reha Sukheja's look seconds before they rush on to the ramp.

Donald came to Mumbai to work for a few months but has fell in love with India so much that he now considers himself an Indian after two years' stay.

Rachael Bayross

Finally, the truth behind the all the dazzle you see on the ramp.

These high heels that Rachael Bayros is adjusting look so elegant on the ramp that one fails to see how painful they can be on the models while hopping from make-up room to backstage and finally on to the catwalk.

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