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#ChinaFashionWeek: 8 styles that seriously look BIZARRE

November 07, 2016 12:00 IST
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The China Fashion Week had enough proof of how 'thinking outside the box' can go wrong.

Amidst all the exquisite creations, the Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 also showed us a few bizarre fashion moments.

Take a look at these weird styles that will totally make you go ouch!

IMAGE: How to scare people on the ramp? Cover your face with cloth. Exhibit above. 
All photograph: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

IMAGE: Since when did wearing cellophane on the head become 'high fashion'?

IMAGE: Presenting glasses of the future. Who wants to buy one?

IMAGE: How to clean up the ramp? Send a model with an extra large cape tail like this.

IMAGE: What atrocious fashion in the name of patchwork!
That's upcycle gone terribly wrong.

IMAGE: First the doll make-up, then the headgear and the hairdo -- everything about this look is miserable. The less said about the outfit the better.

IMAGE: Yikes! Those protruding horn like hair accessories is so distracting.

IMAGE: With so many structured pleats, one wonders how this model walked so far. Someone please cranelift her!

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