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Amazon Echo Dot, Echo or Echo Plus: Which one should you choose?

By Abhik Sen
December 07, 2017 16:23 IST
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The Alexa-powered devices are here. Abhik Sen tries them out.

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A small flat makes for a cosy home. But put a few smart speakers in the mix and it could lead to some confusion.

For example, while entering my bedroom, I asked Alexa to play songs by The Beatles (on the Amazon Echo in the bedroom).

But I said this while leaving the hall where I was parallel to the Echo Plus. Thus, while the hall was filled with sound of Help!, the speaker in the bedroom was silent.

To be fair, it wasn't the fault of the devices. Working in close proximity, they did what they were trained to do. I was closest to the Echo Plus, and thus it answered my call.

To clear the confusion, I decided to customise the wake word.

It was 'Computer' for the Echo Dot, 'Alexa' for the Echo Plus and 'Echo' for the Echo.

Now I was ready to rock.

So, the next time I entered the flat, I asked Computer to turn on the light in the hall, Alexa to play songs from Secret Superstar, and Echo to tell me about my next day's engagements while in the bedroom.


Photograph: Courtesy


The Echo and Echo Plus can do everything that the Echo Dot does, and then some.

For example, I can set alarms, timers, reminders, hear the news, get weather updates, play music, check my calendar and follow my favourite teams.

The Echo lets you customise the sleeve to suit your decor.

And, with the Echo Plus, which comes with a built-in controller that can directly control Zigbee-enabled devices, you can control smart devices.

While I connected it with a Philips Hue bulb, one can also connect it with other smart bulbs and smart sockets, among others.

I was also impressed with the sound quality of the Echo and the Echo Plus, especially with bass-heavy tracks such as David Guetta's Titanium and Linkin Park's Papercut.

Also, you've got Bollywood covered. Just don't expect it to play the latest hits when you ask for 'new Bollywood music'. You have to specify the latest tracks you'd like to be played.

The Amazon Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Plus are all capable devices if you want smart speakers.

If you're just dipping your toes into this business, the Dot (₹4,499) is a good bet (but has tinny sound).

If you love good sound and a speaker that can match your decor, the Echo (₹9,999) it is.

And if you want to control your smart home without investing in a separate hub, you should go for the Echo Plus (₹14,999).

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