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Paper thin! Amazingly light! Yes we are talking about a TV

By Dhruv Munjal
October 25, 2018 12:50 IST
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The LG OLED 55 inch C8 4K TV is an outstanding package, says Dhruv Munjal.

LG OLED 55 C8 4K TV looks like a piece of art in your living room.Photograph: Courtesy

LG has never really been the television of preference in my house -- our last two big-screen TV buys were Samsung and Sony.

I was secretly hoping that the 55-inch LG OLED C8 would make me realise what I had been missing.

Turns out, I was robbing myself of quite an experience -- and a gorgeous-looking screen.

LG OLED 55 C8 4K TV is paper-thin. Photograph: Courtesy

The most noticeable thing about the C8 is its thickness, or the lack of it.

It is paper-thin and amazingly light, making installation extremely simple.

The speakers are placed at the bottom, near the outward-curving stand, ostensibly for better diffusion of sound.

LG has been lenient with the connections: there are four HDMI ports, as well as three USB ones.

The remote, with a scroll wheel, on-screen pointer, and specific buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, is particularly delightful to use.

The cursor, however, is prone to some craziness if not handled right.

LG OLED 55 C8 4K TV has 3840x2160 display. Photograph: Courtesy

This TV, however, is all about the picture.

The 3840x2160 display, with its heavy blacks being superbly complemented by more vibrant shades, makes for one of the best OLED experiences you are likely to come across.

I mainly used the Standard mode, which proved ideal for live football and cricket; the Technicolor mode also produced sharp, uniform images.

Most importantly, the picture managed to retain its brilliant clarity even when viewed from different angles.

The speakers, powered by Dolby Atmos, offer sound that isn't of the highest quality but give you little reason to complain.

LG OLED 55 C8 4K TV supports voice command feature through the remote. Photograph: Courtesy

And while LG's webOS interface functions well, the voice command feature still has some way to go.

The C8 struggled to pick up complicated English words, let alone my attempts at playing Hindi songs.

But that is only a minor flaw in an otherwise outstanding package.

And even at Rs 2,64,990, I have little hesitation in saying that it is every bit worth it.

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