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#FoodPorn: Aliaa, Esha Deol, Kiran Rao love this woman's recipes

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
Last updated on: May 25, 2018 13:10 IST
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She cooks, she travels and has a long list of celebrity clients.
This week, on our celebrity food porn diaries, we introduce Shilarna Vaze aka Chef Chinu.

'This is my personal journey as a chef, mum to a chia seed, wanderer, eater,' says Shilarna Vaze, a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France about her Instagram journey.

Mumbai-based Shilarna who has over 60,000 followers on the image sharing site, was recently recommended by none other than Sonam Kapoor.

'Welcome to my app Chinu! All of you know I absolutely love to eat and I can’t wait for my tribe to try Chinu’s new recipes!' Kapoor wrote.

Want to know what makes Chinu so popular?

Check some of her food posts below.

Chef Chinu takes her love for food quite seriously. Even on the beach, she knows how to enjoy her fresh fruits bowl.  

All photographs: Kind courtesy Shilarna Vaze/Instagram

That's a jackfruit dosa. In her post, Chef Chinu also explained how she made a Rs 50 breakfast look like a five-star one.
'We took the dosa, topped it with from fresh jackfruit & coconut from the property, caramelised some bananas, drizzled it with liquid jaggery and added some hazelnuts & dried berries we were carrying with us to finish it,' she said.

That's what her Sunday family meal looks like. 
'We have always had fish curry and fried fish together for that much needed crispy crunchiness that rawa + rice flour give to the fish fry.' 
'Along with some chauli beans from a friend’s farm, amaranth bhaji and bhendi!' the chef posted.

The chef's version of a miso snapper with harusame salad snapper marinade.

Along with exciting food pictures and recipes like this 'red curry snapper wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed,' she casually shares health tips, including how to get a beach body with readers. 
'It’s easy to be healthy and eat yum food! Just use your imagination, steam instead of fry, swap refined carbs for whole grains, eat good fats instead of empty junk calories!' she wrote on Instagram

And some times she brings her cute little munchkin to her posts.
Sharing this image of smoothie, she said 'When the fruits are ripe enough you don’t even need any sweeteners like dates or honey.'

Just so we love dropping in names, Chef Chinu went to school with Esha Deol and she helped set up this incredible spread for Deol's husband Bharat Takhtani's birthday.
Not just Esha, chef Chinu has also arranged soirees for Aliaa Bhatt, Manish Malhotra, Mini Mathur, Kiran Rao and more.

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