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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Oscars Special: The menu at the Governor's Ball

Oscars Special: The menu at the Governor's Ball

Last updated on: March 05, 2018 16:28 IST

A look at the menu for 2018's Oscars Governor's Ball.

The attendees at the Oscars were definitely in for a treat.

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and his team prepared a scrumptious menu for the stars who attended the 2018 Oscars Governor's Ball at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

The A-listers attending the post-Oscars event such as host Jimmy Kimmel, Nicole Kidman and Armie Hammer feasted on dishes like chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese with truffles, eggplant confit with salsa verde, ravioli and risotto with shrimp.

Helping the 68-year-old chef were 300 people in the kitchen and 900 waiters in the dining room.

As for the leftovers, it was donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

'People who don't really get anything, they're going to have a meal just like the biggest stars in the world,' said the chef.

Take a look at the lavish spread. 

Governor's Ball

Chef Wolfgang Puck has been in charge of the food at the Governor's Ball for the last 24 years. This year he was joined by his son Byron Lazaroff-Puck. 
Photograph: Courtesy @chefwolfgangpuck/Instagram


Oscars food

Chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese with black truffles, eggplant confit with salsa verde, ravioli and risotto with shrimp, were just some of the dishes on the menu. Add to that caviar tins, 800 lobsters, and 30 whole salmon! The preparations for this feast began months ago.
Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters


Givernor's Ball food

The gold covered chocolates that stole the show.
Photograph: Courtesy @chefwolfgangpuck/Instagram


Governor's Ball

Wrapped in salmon, these statues had a dash of caviar on them. 
Photograph: Courtesy @chefwolfgangpuck/Instagram


Oscars food

Chef Wolfgang Puck's food creations for the Oscars are shown off on the red carpet. The pastry team created 6000 chocolate Oscar statues for the 2018 post-Oscars Governor's Ball. 
Photograph: Carlo Allegri/Reuters


Oscars food

Warm sugar is inflated to prepare a dessert.
Photographs: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters


Oscars food

This is what the appetiser plate looked like.


Oscars food

A closer look at the scrumptious spread. 


Oscars food

Golden globes were served as desserts!


Oscars food

There were cocktails named The Epilogue (left) and The Protagonist (right). There were six thousand cocktail forks and 13 thousand glasses used. 


Oscars food

An Oscar-shaped chocolate. 

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