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Oops! Erica Fernandes' secret is out

August 19, 2019 09:19 IST

A huge foodie, her love for food will tease your taste buds.

Photographs: Courtesy Erica Fernandez/Instagram

Erica Fernandes of Kasautii Zindagii Kay may have an envious body and a fit frame. But when it comes to food, there is no stopping this Indian beauty.

As a child, the actor used to gorge on McDonald's burgers, street food, biryani and pizza. Not much has changed now.

We stalked her on Instagram and couldn't stop drooling over some of her food pictures. Take a look!

Erica Fernandes

IMAGE: While shooting in Switzerland, Erica feasted on baby ribs and the picture gathered over 2.5 lakh likes.

Erica Fernandes

IMAGE: A closer look at those ribs Erica feasted on. Accompanied with a side of mashed potatoes with cheese and bread. 

Erica Fernandes

IMAGE: After tempting the Internet, Erica declared that she doesn't like to share her food.  

Erica Fernandes

IMAGE: How can anyone resist a cold meat platter that looks so good? Is that a fondue pot sizzling in the background.

Erica Fernandes

IMAGE: Since when did in flight food start looking so good? This picture was clicked en route to Indonesia.

Erica Fernandes

IMAGE: When in Dubai, you should definitely try these tempting treats from Pappa Roti's menu, recommended by Erica.

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