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#FoodPorn: The Gal Gadot feast

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
December 09, 2017 08:30 IST
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Who can resist good food? Not us for sure!
In this series, we bring you the best of celebrity foodgasm moments.
Prepare to drool :)

Gal Gadot diet

As Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is kickass. Add to it the fact that she loves food, especially a big spread, and she becomes just about perfect in our world.

The model-soldier-turned-actress's Instagram profile is peppered with photographs of feasts and treats.

Take a look!


Gal Gadot diet

It says a lot about a celebrity's foodie quotient when their first ever Instagram picture is that of 'pasta gone crazy'!
All photographs: gal_gadot/Instagram


Gal Gadot diet

Gadot said, 'The camera couldn't capture all the goodies that were on the table.'


Gal Gadot diet

She loves saying it with food.


Gal Gadot diet

So, this is what happens when she goes to the market.


Gal Gadot diet

And this is what happens when she makes a stop at the local cafe.


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