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In Pics: Delicious food that are sure to impress

December 28, 2018 12:28 IST

The best of food pics this week. You can share yours too here #RediffFoodies.

We start with a pic of moong dal chillaPhotograph: Alok Agrawal

Simple yet delicious homemade pav bhaji. Photograph: Alok Agrawal

Who can say no to such yummy looking gajar ka halwa? Photograph: Alok Agrawal

'Dal rice and chokha I ate during my village visit to a Naxalite prone area in the interiors of Jharkhand. A very remote village far off and almost cut off from main stream India. But really tasty and awesome non-adulterated food I had in the most calm and serene surroundings,' writes Yudhisthir SharmaPhotograph: Yudhisthir Sharma

Mutton thali with bhakri. Photograph: Nishanth Nair

Crunchy prawns fry made at home. Photograph: Gautaman T

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