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Cooking with mustard oil: Share your special recipes

September 30, 2013 18:39 IST
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Mustard Oil recipeDo you use mustard oil for cooking? Send us your recipes! We'll feature the best ones on!

The strong pungent smell of mustard oil may not be the most favourite of your aromas in the kitchen.

But like everything that makes your nose scrunch, mustard oil is healthy for your hear.

It is, as a matter of fact, the healthiest of all edible oils, according to the Journal of Preventive Cardiology. A study published in the journal, mustard oil contains the most ideal ratio of fatty acids and natural antioxidants that helps prevents coronary heart diseases.

Regular inclusion of mustard oil in one's diet helps reduce cholesterol levels significantly and when used over time, it helps improve digestion and blood circulation.

An increasing number of people who've learned of its benefits are now finding ways to include it as part of their everyday diet.

Mustard oil is often used in north Indian cuisines and some of the most famous preparations made in mustard oil include different types of pickles, Bengal fish curry and Bengali daal.

Do you know a recipe that uses mustard oil too? We'd love to try it out and share it with our readers.

Email your recipes to us to (Subject: Mustard Oil Recipes), along with your name, city and a photograph of the recipe, if possible. We'll feature the best ones on!

Photographs: Wikimedia Creative Commons



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