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Cheese and meat are good for your teeth

June 28, 2017 10:56 IST
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Cheese increases the pH scale in your mouth and effectively prevents tooth decay.

Dental care is of utmost importance. What you eat is a sign of good or poor hygiene.

Poor dental health can cause you several problems -- from a mild toothache to severe pain.

Include these 10 foods in your diet to help maintain healthy teeth.

cheese and meat are good for your teeth


Cheese, particularly aged cheese like cheddar, swiss and such are beneficial for your teeth.

They increase the pH scale in your mouth and effectively prevent tooth decay.

It also consists of protein and calcium -- nutrients required for strengthening your tooth enamel.


Like cheese, yogurt also contains calcium and protein for tooth enamel.

Probiotics or the beneficial bacteria present in yogurt are good for the gums as well.

Leafy vegetables

Spinach and kale promote oral health.

They contain calcium, which is good for your tooth enamel.

Leafies constitute folic acid, a B vitamin which, among many health benefits, also helps to prevent gum disease.


Apples contain high fibre and water which are beneficial for your teeth.

While eating an apple, a lot of saliva is produced which washes away the bacteria present in the mouth.


Carrots are also crunchy like apples and also contain high fibre which is beneficial for teeth.

They also contain Vitamin A which is also highly beneficial.


Celery contains Vitamins A and C which are very beneficial for the gums.

They are also crunchy thus helping scrape away bacteria and food particles from your teeth.


Almonds are a great choice as they are low on sugar and have high content of calcium and protein.


Strawberries are very beneficial for your teeth.

Strawberries consist Vitamin C, different antioxidants and malic acid, which help in naturally whitening your teeth.


Garlic contains a substance called 'Allicin' which has strong anti-microbacterial properties, and is thus beneficial for your teeth.

It helps to prevent periodontal disease and fight tooth decay.


Meat in general is beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth.

Meat consists protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are important for healthier teeth.

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