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5 Makeup Trends for Brides-To-Be

Last updated on: September 02, 2021 11:36 IST
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Bridal makeup expert Sargam Dhawan Bhayana tells you how to get the perfect wedding look.

The question has been popped.

The date is fixed.

And there are stars in your eyes!

You have given yourself time to plan and sort tasks with a wedding planning checklist and a timeline.

You have a million things going through your head and have to tick a lot of things off your list starting with dates, venues, menus, trousseau shopping, guest lists, party favours, bachelorette planning, honeymoon planning, and the rest of the seemingly endless list.

Hopefully, you've ordered your wedding dress, had that Cinderella moment with the perfect shoes, found the perfect jewellery to match, chosen your hairstyle after spending hours scrolling through Instagram and checked off your to-do list with every aspect of your bridal ensemble sorted.

Now all that is really left to do is find some makeup inspiration that pulls all of your effort of months together.

These days, bridal makeup is not about using tons of products to get a makeover and end up looking unrecognisable on your big day.

Today, it is about choosing the right types of products and formulas that will make you look your most gorgeous self.

So, where should a bride start when it comes to choosing the components of a stunning wedding day look?

The most important tip here is to start off by discussing this with your makeup artist.

Have them assess your features to see whether your dream look will go with your overall wedding vibe, hairstyle and wedding outfit.

The next suggestion would be to keep in mind the photography factor, which means you have to pay close attention to the type of makeup finish you choose.

Long lasting, waterproof makeup is also a must, especially for your lip and eye products.

You must start looking after your skin a few months before your wedding.

No makeup artist has a magic wand that will make you look flawless unless you have worked on your pre-wedding skincare regimen.

You must consult a dermatologist if you have problematic skin, and having a regimented skincare routine at least three months before your wedding.

Apply masks, peels, use products with active ingredients which suit your skin type, wear sunscreen, have a proper night time skin routine to ensure your skin looks hydrated in the mornings.

Your makeup artist is sure to thank you for this too! Good skin ensures you don’t have layers of foundation and won't look caked up on your big day!

When it comes to bridal makeup, trends keep shuffling.

Earlier, wedding make up was all about bold, layered and heavy makeup. But over the years the modern bride has transitioned into a more natural looking, fresh and glowing woman.

To stay on top of your bridal game, here are some trends that are ruling these days:

1. Glowing makeup up with loaded blush

Glowing makeup with loaded blush

Photograph: Rajesh Karkera/

An important and hot trend for brides the world over is to keep the skin luminous throughout the ceremony and well into the night.

Using a base that is applied seamlessly and has lasting power is key. You want to radiate and have a youthful, luminous and dewy look for your wedding day.

Your makeup will look incomplete if you are not a blushing bride! Blush enhances your beauty and radiance and it is important to choose a loaded colour that’s super pigmented, and the colour intensity is not affected when it is blended.

Avoid very dark shades that look painted on your skin and choose a colour that gives you a natural look. It should have a luminous glow without adding loads of glitter.

You want to be the show stopper so ensure you choose a loaded colour to add a gorgeous flush of colour on your cheeks.

2. Subtle smokey eyes

Subtle smokey eyes

Photograph: Kind courtesy Malaika Arora/Instagram

A bridal makeup essential, smokey eyes add that much needed depth to a bride's eyes.

They add an instant dose of glamour and make you look gorgeous.

Smokey eye makeup is not only classy, but will make you the trend setter bride you choose to be.

Opt for a dark matte look for something that is intense and dramatic whilst being subtle.

Skip the excessive use of shimmer to look sultry and smoking hot and add just a pop of highlighter for a little bit of sparkle.

3. Nude, non-red lips

Nude lips

Photograph: Kind courtesy

Ditch the reds and pinks and opt for a minimal makeup look by using a nude lip colour.

Nude lips are a trend we have seen around for many years and it still rules.

Minimal and nude looks are the rage right now and brides rock it on their wedding days.

Indian brides today are opting for pretty, nude lip colour instead of the quintessential bold, red lips.

This chic and subtle statement is making the loudest noise in terms of makeup trends for brides today.

4. Highlighter


Photograph: Kind courtesy Alia Bhatt/Instagram

A highlighter is a tool that will make your bridal makeup go from drab to fab.

Just a light swipe on your inner corners of eyes, your cupid's bow and you’re all set to flaunt a gorgeous, luminous face at your wedding.

Using a highlighter is all about making the face look like it is glowing from within. Not only does it look gorgeous in person, it looks even better in your photographs.

Make sure your highlighter has a mineralised skin finish and is not chunky or too loud.

5. Monotone magic

Monotone magic

Photograph: Kind courtesy Unsplash

Blush pinks and mint greens are taking over traditional reds and maroons not only when it comes to bridal attire, but also your makeup.

Monotone makeup involves complimenting your overall look with makeup in similar hues as your wedding outfit.

Light blush tones are infused in the base, eyes and lips to go with your pastel outfit so subtly that the appeal is simply stunning. This natural look is fabulously flawless and trendy right now.

Sargam Dhawan Bhayana is director at Glow by Tressmart, an award winning beauty and makeup portal.

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